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Kazuku (Kakuzu)

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1 Kazuku (Kakuzu) on Tue May 26, 2009 4:03 pm

Name: Kakuzu (canon if possible)
Age: 91
Gender: Male
Chakra Affinity: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Lighting.(awaiting canon approval)
Village: Waterfall
Rank: (Missing-Nin/Akatsuki Member if approval is possible for canon)
Exp: 0

Portrait: (my avatar)

Personality: Kazuku is very serious, but he's cool, clam, and collective. He has a deep voice and hates annoying little brats. Kazuku is like a bounty hunter and enjoys making money and earning money. He hates people for betraying him and punishments for challenging natures of failed missions. He also is cruel and someday wishes to fight the one named Hashirama Senju, the future First Hokage and prove his strength over him.

Biography: (canon)
Kakuzu was much older than he appeared, having been one dispatched by his village to assassinate Shodai Hokage. Unfortunately Shodai's Mokuton got the better of Kakuzu, and he returned having failed in his mission. Dispite the challenging nature of his mission, he was stigmatized and punished by his village for the failure. After escaping his imprisonment, he took and used the village's ultimate Kinjutsu Jiongu, which extended his life by withdrawing the hearts of his opponents. He made use of this ability by taking the hearts of the village leaders and leaving his former comrades behind.

Jiongu also allowed him to utilize the chakra nature of the original heart removal victim, granting him access to all five chakra elements. Kakuzu's body was held together by the mysterious black Jiongu tendrils, which sewed together various chunks of his body. These stitches could be removed to allowed him to extend his body parts. After leaving the village Kakuzu partnered with many ninja, usually killing them out of dislike. He eventually joined Akatsuk and partnered with another "immortal" named Hidan. Hidan and Kakuzu were directed to capture the two-tailed bijuu Jinchuuriki Nii Yugito. This kunoichi from Hidden Cloud was highly skilled and not easily captured by the pair. The Jinchuuriki seemed to have been assigned as Kakuzu's personally to capture.

After handing off Yugito to Zetsu, Hidan and Kakuzu headed to the Fire Country Temple in search of a bounty head. There Kakuzu and his partner wiped out many of the monks and killed Chiriku, Kakuzu's bounty target. The two men then headed to a bounty station to cash in Chiriku. After receiving his money Hidan and Kakuzu were attacked by a team from Konoha. In the battle, Hidan killed Sarutobi Asuma and the two men were forced to withdraw after being contacted by the Akatsuki leader. They assisted in the withdrawing of the Nibi from Yugito and then sealing it and the Sanbi in the King of Hell Statue.

Jutsus: (because of the Jiongu, the various elemental affinity jutsus Kakuzu has is numberous and unknown)

Equipment: Kunai, Shuriken, scrolls.

strength: 15

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