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Rinnegan, Rokudou Sennin{WiP}

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1 Rinnegan, Rokudou Sennin{WiP} on Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:26 am


Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb
Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb
Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan, Rokudou Sennin

My template:

Name: N/A

Bloodline: Rinnegan, Sage of Six Paths


In history, there have been only two shinobies that can wield the Rinnegan; it is believed to be so because there is no proof of other Rin'negan sages that have existed . The only evidence that can be officially recorded as proof is a quote from the manga, Naruto Shippuuden, when Nagato said "yadayadayada"( MUST GET FROM ONEMANGA[DOT]COM!! ), "SOURCE". Although, it is unclear whether they are of blood relative or not, it can only be assumed so for the most obvious of reasons. These two historical figures have impacted the world in a great way, but also in a way that can scar it forever.

The first Rin'negan master, also known as the "Messiah", created all ninjutsu. With the power to control all elements, this was, indefinitely, possible. He was able to make use of the hidden chakra within him and eventually created a "religion"; he worked on his "religion" and gained some followers. His religion became well known and soon, it was everyone's religion. This religion was the practice of unlocking the chakra and potential lurking deep inside oneself and learning ninjutsu, using it for whatever purpose. With this great accomplishment, a new world was born. Some say this world was meant for greater things, while others have bitterly said that it was only created to make others suffer and no peace would come.

One voice can mean a lot and when it speaks out against something larger, it must have proof. For the second Rin'negan master, Nagato, his proof was his pain. Having seeing the death of his parents, he knew there would come no peace with this world of ninja. Meeting another powerful being, he learned important things that would impact his life and steer him in the path that was carved for him. Although this man, Jiraiya, Toad Sage of the Legendary Sannin, was a stranger from another village, he treated Nagato with great care after seeing his Rin'negan eyes. After staying behind with Nagato and his pack of friends, who consisted of two other orphans like him, Konan and Yahiko, Jiraiya taught the trio ninjutsu.

This ninjutsu still wasn't enough to help them fend off stronger shinobi, but Nagato's Rin'negan was overwhelmingly destructive when he was threatened. Taking the blame on himself for having such eyes, Nagato shut himself away from the others, scared. Jiraiya, having heard of his fate with "The Child of Prophecy"(later to be thought was Uzumaki Naruto, but it turns out to be "The Children of Prophecy") from the (--FIX--Great Toad Sage--FIX--)and how his actions would decide the fate of the world, comforted the confused and scared Nagato. Nagato was informed of the "Messiah" and regained confidence, aiming for peace. After leaving the trio with wise words, Jiraiya returned to Konoha, leaving the Rin'negan bearer to mature on his own.

Living in Amegakure, Nagato had the same goal as Yahiko did: I will become the god of this world if it continues its path of war and no peace is present. This goal soon became his full fledged dream and desire when Yahiko was killed. The Amekage, knowing of Yahiko's peace organization, was afraid that they would stop his plan's process. He called forth Yahiko and his group, ambushing them. They were soon outnumbered by Konoha and Ame shinobi. The Amekage soon caught Konan and held her hostage, forcing Nagato to kill Yahiko. Yahiko decided that it was better if he just did and hoped that Konan would be kept alive as the Amekage had clearly stated; lunging himself towards the knife the Amekage had thrown to Nagato, he landed on top of the sharp metal, head hanging over Nagato's shoulder.

Speaking his last words, he collapsed to the ground, Nagato shocked. The Amekage ordered for them to finish Nagato off; in that split second, he cracked. The Rin'negan "took over", his anger increasing his instincts as a killer. The shinobi surrounding him threw a large number of kunais, Nagato using Shinra Tensei to force away all the oncoming sharp objects. The shocked shinobies stared back in awe, following the Amekage's next order: attack him with firepower. As he was bombarded with explosive tags, he managed to soften the impact but still got burned from the large explosion. Retaliating, he summoned Gedo Mazo

Activation and more general information:

Activation of the Rin'negan can only be approached in two ways: either the user must be engaged in a battle that leads to death, or the user must be emotionally disturbed beyond belief. This can mean extreme anger, or intensity of one emotion that is considered negative. Full control of whether the Rin'negan can be activated or not is only granted when the user reaches Chuunin ranking; before then though, the activation will be intrinsic, mostly during hostile situations. When the user undergoes the activation of the Rin'negan, memories of what happened during the period that the Rin'negan has been activated will be lost.

Advantages and Disadvantages in battle:

Genin: The user can only use one other body.

Weakness: When a Path dies, a body has to replace it; must kill an actual person, no NPC's. When the main body dies, must restart over with new character.

The bodies' strengths match the original user's strength.

The Six Paths

Deva Path - Being the main body that the Rokudou Sennin would use, it is also referred to as the "God Realm." This body has different abilities that relate to gravitational manipulation. The known ones are listed below; we can call this "Force Manipulation." Being the frequently used body, all jutsus that the actual body, the user controlling all of the six paths, can also be used by Deva Path. There will be a 1 post delay for every force manipulation; if used on a massive scale, there will be a 10 post delay(ie: Pein used it to nearly smash Konoha, that would be considered use on a massive scale). Think of these post delay as recharge time for the techniques; in fact, that is the most precise way to accurately describe this.

Shinra Tensei: This technique allows the user to manipulate gravity in a way that forces everything away from him. It can be channeled to a single enemy, or spread out onto an area filled with foes. Whatever the case, for each small scale use, there will be a delay of one post. For each large scale use, there will be a delay of ten posts; although, the user can use this as much as he likes, as long as his chakra allows him to without dying. But it is, without doubt, the best idea to use it sparingly, for it already has a drastic aftereffect: shortening in life span(this, of course, plays no part in the RPG; it is only here for history and factual purpose).

Bansho Tenin: This technique allows the user to manipulate gravity in a way that forces things towards him. This is done in a quick manner, so it's quite impossible for the one sent flying to make a handsign for any purpose(surprisingly, this has been attempted before). This, too, can be channeled to the desired magnitude, but a massive scale is unknown; Chibaku Tensei could be considered the extreme of this jutsu. For each use of Bansho Tenin, there will be a delay of one post after it has been completed. There is no known aftereffect.

Chibaku Tensei: Clapping his hands together, the user will concentrate a portion of matter into his palms, creating a concentrated sphere of black matter. Once thrown into the air, it will begin to attract anything around it, making a giant ball of matter; it will smash anything caught in between. Can be used on a massive scale to create a giant moon like object; expected risks are probable, as in reduced life span.

Gedo Mazo: A huge statue, known as the King of Hell(which has the ability to extract and contain all the Bijuu), will be summoned. Once summoned, numerous metal rods from the statue itself will attach to the user. This will give the user control over the statue. The statue has the ability to take a soul away once contact has been made with one of the nine dragons that appear when it opens its mouth. The statue itself can attack only if the user wills it; it doesn't "have a mind of its own". Its appearance is as shown below:

{{{{PIC HERE}}}}

Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu: As implied in the name, Gedo Mazo must be summoned in order for this technique to work. Once summoned, Gedo Mazo, for this technique, will be used for resurrecting the souls of the dead. Any persons who have died near him will be resurrected. In order for it to successfully pull this off, the statue will open its mouth, the souls of those who are near will return to their original bodies.

Human Path -"Mind Tampering", allowing him to affect minds similar to the Yamanaka clan by touching another being's head in order to extract information. He's capable of reading the person's mind in seconds and without need of additional equipment. - Will be used more as a reconnaissance body. It really doesnt have any more abilities as far as anything that can be used in battle. This body will be mainly the genjutsu body. This is the body that can suck out souls with just a will only be done to NPC's no actual member will have its soul sucked out.

Asura Path - His ability is based on "Body Alterations", allowing him to modify himself with artificial mechanical body parts. Under his cloak the body is revealed to have completely robotic inner workings and a completely inhuman appearance, possessing six arms, three faces each with a different emotion: happy, neutral, and angry (thus resembling the mythical Asura from Buddhist mythology) and a folded serrated blade-like tail. He can fire one of his left forearms off as a long range projectile, pull out one of his right arms to reveal a cluster of segmented cluster missiles, open up the crown of his head to release a titanic shockwave, and protruding from his back is a long and flexible saw-like blade that can be whipped at a target. All of these abilities befit the "warring demon" name that the Asura path holds, while giving it a considerably higher degree of versatility than the other Paths have.
This body is basically an uber puppet and the "rockets" will be dumbed down to chinese blackpowder rockets, or a stronger version of Fireworks.

Animal Path - This body is a powerful summoner, capable of conjuring a massive variety of different animal summons for various different purposes, and most significantly the other bodies of Pain. Each animal summon also shares his Rinnegan eyes and various piercings suggesting that they too are under his control. Body solely for summonings. Can summon all animals, but actions won't be simultaneous. No summon replacements.

Preta Path - This body's ability "Energy Absorption" is primarily defensive, since he is capable of absorbing any Ninjutsu related technique, such as Jiraiya's Super Great Ball Rasengan and Hermit's Art: Goemon, nullifying them and sucking them into his torso. This technique can also take the form of a large bubble around his body, allowing to absorb attacks from any direction. - cannot absorb techinques in rapid succesion 8 post intervals between each absorbion. Once an attack is absorbed, it can be released but it will be three times weaker than the original attack. The release will be in the shape of a beam; the last element that it had absorbed will be released. It can absorb up to as much as 5 techniques at a time before releasing it. The buildup of 5 chakra filled techniques is pretty powerful. Body mainly used for sealing jutsu.

Naraka Path - This body's ability King of Hell seem to be an entity similar to the Death God, although he is physically strong enough to hold a fully grown men in each hand off the ground with no apparent effort. His "Hell Avatar" ability takes the form of a giant demonic head, which protrudes from the ground behind him and is shrouded in black flames. He asks a question, and after an answer is given, the giant's mouth opens, releasing tendril like arms that force a stream of energy (possibly the person's life energy or soul) from the victim. If the person was telling a lie, their life force is completely removed and eaten, and they are seemingly killed. If they were telling the truth, they remain alive, though left extremely exhausted. Outsiders are unable to see the demon.Another of this body's powers, most likely its main purpose, is to resurrect or "heal" other Paths. By summoning the King of Hell, Pain engulfs the body he wants to heal in it and the body comes out completely repaired. This is possibly done by "transferring" the life energy that he's collected from victims into his deceased bodies, allowing them to become functional again (similar to the technique Chiyo used on Gaara). Once he uses this technique he needs time to recharge power which possibly means that he can't use King Of Hell at all. The soul question will only be used after the opponent has been beaten to a pulp and is no longer capable of fighting back. And the healing can only be done once in a battle.

My Paths

3rd Stage

Dark Buster Rain Sword(It's supposed to be black)

Good times...
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