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Shuuhei Clan

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1 Shuuhei Clan on Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:14 pm

Appearance of Doujutsu:

Description: This eye allows six levels first level gives the user the ability to see quickly following attacks and arrows giving way to the art of drawing technique the second level allows strength in the fore arms and fingers for faster drawing and better attacks the third stage gives enhanced chakra control giving the user the ability to choose which element a shot arrow has fourth stage allows greater reflexes giving the ability to draw aim and fire at very fast speeds fifth stage furthers the first four and sixth heightens all abilities at the cost of major chakra depletion

Weaknesses sharingan and opposing chakra types

First stage:
Allows quick eye reaction allowing for reading of attacks as they come up with reflexes boosted by half 1=>1.5

Second stage:
the eye shrinks inward with the black mixing with red as though the eye was collapsing inward this stage gives the user immense strength in the forearms and fingers allowing powerful quick shots capable of knocking some one on their ass

Third stage:
this stage is called the half converence and allows for the use of more advanced techniques it gives enhanced chakra control to better choose which element an arrow will carry

Fourth Stage:
this stage is one of the most feared it gives the user a black demonic aura and greater reflexes speeding up shot speed as well as accuracy

Fifth stage:
the fifth stage doubles all previous stages but is very exhausting to use longterm it heightens the burning desire of the clan giving their fire chakra an explosive touch

Sixth stage: 6 points Convergence
this stage allows for use of the clans most advanced techniques and for greater chakra reserves once this stage is reached it is possible to skip between stages or go straight to sixth stage. only the clan leaders may have this eye

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