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Aoi-chan <3

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1 Aoi-chan <3 on Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:03 pm

Name: Aoiharu Yumemi (Aoi-chan)



Rank: Jounin
Alignment:Good... or is she O.o

Appearance:(See Avi >8D)

Personality:She's warm and bubbly. Her favorite foods are dumplings(Like Anko's xDD) and Sushi. She also enjoys BBQ and chocolate. She can get excited easily and is hyper alot of the time. Saso has a signature grin for when she's up to something devious or mischiveous. This grin also shows up during battles and such. Saso likes screamo, metal, alternative and other varied forms of rock. She has alot of habits-such as, suffering in silence. Not letting anyone know that she's upset about something or mad or sad.Another habit is that she blushes alot, when alot of attention is brought to her or she's embarssed. The last one, that is quite obivous is that she twidles with her fingers when she's guilty, nervous, or anxious.
Sasoko likes to hang with Raikuni and her friends during her spare time. The last thing, that most people don't know, is that Sasoko suffers from something call, " Chemical Depressitory Disorder" or CDD. It means that she can get depressed extremely easliy if she doesn't take a perscribed pill from her regular Medic Nin/Doctor. Saso usually keeps the pills in a small container in her pocket. She relies on those to keep her mood up. Though, only a few people know about her disorder. Most people wouldn't believe she was 'depressed' anyways.

History:Born and rasied with shinobi parents, Sasoko had a reltively normal childhood. Once she was of age, she enrolled into the ninja adacemy. She was an okay student, but most senseis and teachers thought that she wouldn't be that great of a ninja. Most days, when she came home, her mother would be waiting in the house to ask her multipule questions about her day. "How was your day?" or " Did you do well in your training?" Same old, same old. One day, it all changed. She walked into her house, to find it empty. At first, she wasn't that concerned. Her parents had left for a week long mission. A week turned into a month. A month turned into a year. Not one word from her parents.
The village officers said that they had never reaturned, so they were deemed MIA. Sasoko was 12 at the time. She was adopted into her grandmother's home, where she is staying now. Her grandmother, called, "Grandma Yuu", isn't the sharpest tool in the cabnit. Grandma Yuu was losing it. Forgeting Sasoko's name, where she lived or where she was. Sasoko took care more of her grandmother more than she did herself really. This came to veiw when she was about 14 and a half. Teachers begain to worry for her health. She was losing vast amounts of weight, and loseing focus.
Once, while they were training, Sasoko collasped and pass out cold. She was sent to the hospital for dehydration and maluturition. There, she was given an IV and meds. Sasoko went home the next day, to find her grandmother dead. She had died peacefully yes, but Grandma Yuu was Sasoko's only family left. Sasoko, afterwards, became more off a robot and hollow shell, faking emotions with fasle smiles and lies of happiness. She tried to rcover, but isn't even gradually letting people in.
Sasoko loves to train, and train, and work. She isn't a desk person, but she loves to move around. She can never stand still. Training was always a good past time for Sasoko. She works alot, and is a strong ninja, and is determained to be the best.
Time had prepared her for the worst. It started right after Grandma Yuu's death. The fake smiles weren't cutting it, and people began to wonder why she wore her black, long sleaved coat. Her wrist, scared with the lies and her feelings were marked. For now and forever. Sasoko was scared. She told them it was training, the scars. She still has her coat on, even during the dry, hot, sufficating summers. She's not going to show weakness though, just because she's alittle hot. Sasoko trained herself to the top. She kicked anyones and everyone's ass in her way.
Grandma Yuu had never wanted Sasoko to be a ninja. "You'll get yourself killed, young lady! It isn't worth it!" Grandma Yuu would say. Sasoko would just shake her head and sigh. Reminding Grandma Yuu that she, herself, was once a ninja. Sasoko lived up to her Grandma Yuu's once prime. Grandma Yuu was once a dangerous assassin nin, a clevar ninja with the quickest shot in the Wind country. Sasoko wouldn't let her Grandma Yuu's reputation down, by just staying as a errand ninja, only doing minor C or B or A ranked missions. Sasoko wanted action, intensity, and to feel the adrinlinan in her veins. She loved the feeling of rush in her body, the high it gave her.
After awhile, she got over depression. She started going out with friends, smiling and having a good time. Her old self was starting to shine again. Until it hit again.It was like a hit in the face for Sasoko. Her life started to spiral downward. The depression got worse and worse, but she couldn't let her friend worry about her again. Saso had prmosed herself that she wouldn't let that happen agian. She couldn't do that now. Sasoko had a family now, and friends who cared about her. She wasn't going to lose it all again. It's because she had those ties that were broken and repaired. She wasn't about to let it happen again. That was when she was dingose with CDD.(Stated above ^) Now, taking pills regulary, she can control her depression and keep herself happy.
Saso still wasn't the strongest ninja. But, she is still training to become someone that the village could rely on. With her grin and sharp tougne, Sasoko will be the best that she can be.

Speciality:Spritually Inttuned and Genjutsu
Learned jutsus: Gentle Fist, Eight Trigrams Palm Heavenly Spin Absolute,
Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin, Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, Eight Trigrams Spirit Palm
Weapons/items:2 Katanas on side belt.
Goals: N/A at the moment

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Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb

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