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Akuze Tinitah

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1 Akuze Tinitah on Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:26 pm

Name: Akuze Tinitah

Age: 16nah!

Bloodline: Shuuhei Unagai

Rank: Again wtf??

Classification: Wtf?

Village: Watahfall

Alignment: (Your character have many sides to chose from, the basic is good and evil, some might be good with evil intentions but some are bad but good in heart. You could also be a neutral character as well)Neutral

Appearance: (A description of yourself or a picture. If you have a pic but he/she dont wear that type of clothing then describe what he/she wears).Avi with a ring on his right hands middle finger that supresses 80%of his chakra

Personality:Is a funny person loved to be hung out with hate being alone in a room

History: Was the disruptive kind always got in trouble popular but hated it just wanted to be with friends that he actually knew.Never had very much trouble with grades always managed to pass even though he never did anything,Lived a usual life,fun,but usual.

Speciality:Nin jutsu

Learned jutsus: Summoning Jutsu The users signs a blood contract with the animal summoning, then with the correct seals they can summon the animal. There are many kinds of creatures that can be summoned, Snakes, Toads, Slugs, Monkeys, Dogs, Turtles, Spiders.

Elements: Fire and lightning

Weapons/items: A katana that holds my 80 percent of my chakra

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2 Re: Akuze Tinitah on Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:42 pm

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