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Kyoki Sora

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1 Kyoki Sora on Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:42 am

Name:Kyoki Sora



Rank:A-Rank Missing nin
Village:Ex-Kumogakure villager
Alignment:Evil, with an occasional good explained in my story


Personality:Sora is kind of emotionless. He is careless, which leads to him making terrible mistakes. He is somewhat lazy and doesn't really put much thought into things. He is quiet around people and dislikes socializing. Usually, he is mean to the people around him, if not then he shows no anger nor compassion. The few people that have gained his trust, are also Missing ninjas with ranks varying from C to A.

History: 21 years ago, a woman from the village hidden in the clouds, was already 8 months into pregnancy. She was going to give birth to twins. One of them had black hair and was a little pale, this one being Sora, the other had barely noticable blonde-white hair and his skin tone was a little darker, this one being Ryu.

However, due to some genetic disorder, they were starting to grow weaker and weaker. The medical ninjas said that the chances of both of them coming out alive was very slim. They had a solution, it would increase the chances of one of them being born. But, it would cost the other twin's life. The woman, who really wanted to have children, agreed to the proposal.

A group of medical ninja gathered to perform the procedure. They put their hands over them and focused a white, almost transparent chakra into the womb. The chakra slowly covered Ryu, and then went into him. After a few moments, it came out, with a white-blue aura. Ryu's heart stopped as well as all other bodily functions, for his soul had been removed.

The chakra then moved to Sora, covered him and went into him with the aura. A few minutes passed and finally the chakra came out and disappeared. Sora soon started to recover and get healthier.

The time came and the woman gave birth to a healthy child. Along with the healthy child, the dead body of Ryu came out. As she looked at it, tears slid down her cheeks and sadness overcame her.

~Gennin-Chunnin days~

7 Years had passed and Sora was a normal kid, he was a little cold, but he treasured every friend of his. His dad, was a Jonin, Sora had never seen him done anything related to being a ninja ever so he really didn't pay much attention to that fact. His mother was kind and loving and adored Sora with all her heart, trying to give the best to him.

Sitting under tree, Sora saw a bunch of ninjas practicing all these amazing techniques, running at incredible speeds, disappearing, cloning each other and many other things. He wanted to become a ninja too, so that if the situation demanded it, he could protect his family.

And so he did, he joined the Kumogakure ninja academy and graduated soon after he did, passing the exams with great ease. He was assigned to a squad, and it wasn't long before they started receiving missions.

Years passed and he had experienced enough to have confidence into trying the Chunnin exams. He passed the written part and the survival part with little effort. The preliminary match-ups came and he passed on to the final. The day of his fight came, and he wasn't feeling nervous. He was the finalist along with another Gennin from the leaf village.

The fight went on for an hour or so until Sora had his opponent at his feet. If he killed him or not didn't matter, it was all part of the exam. Having always been somewhat mean to others he was going to kill him. Anger was on his face as if he was bloodthirsty. He drew his kunai up and was about to stab him right through the heart when he suddenly stopped. His dark red-brown eyes flashed to a light sky-blue color for a second. 'Don't do it Sora' A voice said in his mind. Sora dropped the kunai, which fell at his unconscious opponents side. His opponent being unable to continue fighting lost, and Sora won, earning the rank of Chunnin.

~The incident~

8 years had passed and Sora was sixteen and a leader of an ANBU squad. Due to the amount of missions given to him and his squad, Sora rarely got to see his parents anymore. After returning from an extensive month-long mission he heard screams coming from the center of the village, where his parents lived.

He quickly ran towards their house, only to find them lying on the floor over a puddle of blood, dead. Around them, where his fellow ANBU members, with their blades dripping with the dark red blood. Anger overcame him as his eyes flashed to a dark green and he unsheathed the blade hidden in his glove. It was covered with wind, but the wind seemed to have blue sparks coming out of it.

"Just like his father, his element is the wind and he has the same eyes... But..." The ANBU member that was talking paused to examine the wind. "Lightning, blue lightning. That's some advanced Raiton control." Sora grinned evily as she leaped at them, the wind sharpening into a drill-like shape. The sparks seemed to flow out of the tip of it, growing past his wrist. A few moments later and the group of ANBU layed dead on the floor.

Sora looked at them with a confused look on his face. "Why would you do this, I even considered you my friends..." A tear slid down his face. "And my eyes are dark red, unlike my father's green eyes" He added as he heard that same voice in his mind again. 'Why did you do it Sora, maybe there was a good reason to it. You shouldn't have killed them, now you wont know the truth.'

~Missing Ninja~

Sora left the village, he still kept his ANBU mask as well as his blade. He carved a line in his headband and then tied it back on. "I swear, I will avenge every death claimed by those corrupt bastards, the ANBU." Sora fled to the Fire country, where he remained hidden.

From there, he encountered other Missing Ninjas, who agreed to join him. They all attacked Sora's old village several times, earning them ranks in between C to A. Sora as the leader of the group had earned the rank of A-rank missing ninja and was the most skilled of them all. Having learned to control both Fuiton and Raiton.

His attitude had become emotionless, he showed no mercy when he killed the villagers and he started to ignore the promise he had made himself. However from time to time, that voice would come up in his mind, stopping him from continuing with his revenge. After a while, it started to annoy Sora, and when he heard he asked it. "Who the hell are you? Why am I even hearing you?" At first he had no respond but then the voice explained to him who it was and why he could talk to Sora.

Sora was annoyed even more and payed no attention to it, sometimes he overcame it, but others he couldn't. He was determined to eventually overcome him and suppress his soul so that he wouldn't be bothered again.

After an attack on the village, on a rainy day. Sora looked at his eyes, they were dark green. He remembered his father having said something about it, when he was still a Chunnin. He remembered that they were the... (I will tell later XD)

Sora is now 21, and has been a missing ninja for 5 years. Still, he hasn't figured why his parents where killed, and seems to hide the thought. Although Ryu keeps remembering him, he barely listens to him.

Speciality:Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
Learned jutsus:Will post them later
Elements:Fuiton, Raiton (If I can't have two then I will erase one, but please let me keep them, atleast one )
Weapons/items:A blade, sheathed and hidden in his sleeve, once unsheathed it remains attached to his forearm reaching nearly a foot past his hand , unless he removes it. And short sword, sheathed on his back
Goals: To find out the reason his parents where killed, and avenged there death(usualy ignored as said), aswell as being able to supress his brother's soul.

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