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Tonsui Unagai (resurrection of an old fav)

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1 Tonsui Unagai (resurrection of an old fav) on Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:04 pm

Name: Unagai, Tonsui

Age: 23

Bloodline: Seigyokijutsu (Unagai)

Rank: S-Rank Criminal
Classification: Intermediate to experienced rp
Village: Takigakure no Sato
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Tonsui is an average person at first glance usually wearing tight black jeans and a T-shirt with his clan's tattoo on it. he bears several scars that look like claw marks over his body the most noticeable though is a scar that runs from the top of his left eyebrow to his left cheekbone. his hair is black with white tips and his eyes are piercing blue.

Personality: Tonsui is pretty laid back unless properly motivated. he has a thirst for blood and is hunting his brother Sousuke with a passion whenever he stops ogling the ladies and occasional guy.

History: Tonsui was exiled from his clan for his bloodthirsty nature at the age of 10 just shortly after becoming a Genin. He spent most of his time hanging about trees and moving from one sheltered alley to another as he grew up until he reached Chuunin at age 12.

A few missions after his advancement Tonsui had saved enough money to afford a small apartment and quickly siezed the opportunity for better living arrangements. Tonsui lived uneventfully until he found out his twin brother Sousuke had become the leader of the village. thinking he was better Tonsui charged after his brother at age 20 and fought him leaving battered beatne and bruised and unvictorious.

After their legendary fight he left the village in search of power and happened upon Gobi or at least an inverted copy it seemed. an old man in glasses was sitting near it with a scroll open so it seemed as tonsui neared the spectacle. two ninjas quickly overpowered tonsui and held him down as the man drew a weird symbol on his stomach. as tonsui awoke he found the two ninja gored by what looked to be a beast and the man laid dead from the act of sealing.

Tonsui later figured out what had happened and learned to control Gobi in order to surpass his brother one day. (yeah i'm bored so i'm stopping

Speciality: Seigyokijutsu and Kenjutsu
Learned jutsus: Segyokijutsu (advanced set) and Pausing reversion (will register)
Elements: Unagai clan master so all five
Weapons/items: Tonken
Goals: To surpass his brother

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