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Tonsui's Jutsu

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1 Tonsui's Jutsu on Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:41 pm

Name: Pausing Reversion
Rank: S
Range: Close
Elemental affinity: Medical
Description: Like pausing flash pausing reversion is where the user loads their sword with chakra and rips it back into their body causing shock. this shick releases adrenaline and Tonsui uses Houkou's inversion to stabilize his reflexes to match his newfound speed. it can appear to pause time but in fact allows the user to speed up their point of veiw on time.

Drawbacks causes internal trauma when used more than twice in succession to the point of deat if a third is attempted

Name: Ten Chains Grounding Technique
Rank: S
Range: Far
Elemental affinity N/A
Description: User dots their fingertips in blood and slams their palms to the ground summoning ten snake-like chains. this attack in three stages. one, acquisition where the pointed tips of the chains strike flesh and lodge themselves in the skin. two, Binding where the tis branch into the chakra circulatory system of the target and send the chakra though the chains into the ground. and three, Immobilization/Stabilization where the user either causes the chains to wrap around the target to hold them or causes the ends too recirculate the chakra through the target's body healing them.

this technique is indestructible when active because of the way the chains drain chakra. they use any chakra to reinforce the chains and drain the excess into the ground or air.

Drawbacks this technique is not fast but needs at least 6 chains to immobilize an enemy.

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