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A Simple Walk Thru Town...(open)

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1 A Simple Walk Thru Town...(open) on Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:22 am

Light had never been the one to seek early morning walks, but with lack of sleep he found no point to sit in bed all morning and do nothing. He slowly pulled the cover away from his body and allowed the cool air to embrace his body. Than scrapped his feet along the ground until he found his house shoes. As he slide his feet in he pulled up his sleeping robe and readjusted so that it revealed his chest. He slowly picked up his throwing knives out pillow case and began his journey across the room that was two times bigger than his old apartment. As he reached the his bath room he began washing his face.

{Sorry it's short i'll finish it up later}


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2 Re: A Simple Walk Thru Town...(open) on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:35 pm

((I'm Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I just got to college this week and still waiting on my new laptop to arrive.))

Light slowly made his way over to His closet and began searching his closet for something simple but royal to wear. He hated over dressing like the other kages that governed in surrounding villages, but knew it was mandaoter if he wanted to have any type of respect as the knew kage. He picked the all black robe from the back of his closet and his white silk pantys that matched the patteren of the coat. He slowly pulled up his pants and began moving around the room with his shirt. He finnally made his cloth wrap fit just right before he moved to his front door. As he the light of the Sun fell on his body the people of his village cheered and clapped as he made his way over to the front gate of his home. He rasied his hand and waved to the crowd of cheer people before taking a playful bow.

the gate slowly opend as he made his out. The children ran up and hug him, the ladies awwed as the elders joked and taunted him for being the ladies man. The men bowed and playful patted his back. For a man with great power and respect he was one of the most loved kage in the sand village. His ability to relate to the people made him loved, his pass a being anbu made him respected, but the tales of his heroic battle made him slightly feared but highly respected. There was never a question in anyboy mind on wheather or not he was a good choice for a leader but always the question when will another one this great ever come along again.

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