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Light, Dark's Opposite and Other Half{WiP}

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1 Light, Dark's Opposite and Other Half{WiP} on Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:25 pm


Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb
Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb
Name: Light

Age: 19

Bloodline: Rinnegan, although he can't use it unless he's either synced with Dark again or Dark transfers it to him, temporarily. This will only last for two actual days and he will be Rinnegan-less afterward; the downside is that Dark cannot use any Paths if he does this, but he can still use his Rinnegan.

Rank: S-Rank Criminal
Classification: Expert
Village: Amegakure
Alignment: Downright evil when he's near Dark, yet the opposite when he's far away.


Personality: Although Dark's opposite, he shares the same personality as him.

History: WiP.

Speciality: Kami-Hachibi:

Kami-Hachibi :: Element Force :: Free Manipulation Force Waves [Like Star Wars]


Learned jutsus: He's jutsu-less, because he was in a comatose like state{Will be mentioned in the history}. Also, he depends on Kami-Hachibi too much to even attempt to learn any type of jutsu.
Elements: All, when he meets up with Dark again.
Weapons/items: In the past, when he was synced with Dark, it was DBRS. Now, he has no weapon and is still looking for one.
Goals: To find Dark and straighten out what had happened in the past, regain lost memories, and find out what his interests are.

My Paths

3rd Stage

Dark Buster Rain Sword(It's supposed to be black)

Good times...
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