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kokuen uchiha [WIP]

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1 kokuen uchiha [WIP] on Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:05 pm


Age: 17

Bloodline: uchiha

Rank: S-ranked

Village: cloud

Alignment: depending on mood

Appearance:(( im just putting avi... to tired to do another set of this.. ))

Personality: kokuen is a very calm, focused shinobi. he tends to be very quiet and keeps everything to himself. this focus went on for his whole life. he became a genius, maping battle formations and chakra movements in his head. but he is also very exciting when hes not focusing. he becomes a major flirt and likes to have fun.



Learned jutsus:(( next posts ))

Elements: fire wind and earth

Name: sword of elements


non-element form:
fire form:
lightning form:
earth form:
wind form:
water form:
ice form:
wood form:
crystal form:

Description: this sword was made useing each greatest master of every element. together the hilt can change form and take on one of the elements that was made. this sword is the only one in existance and is impossible to break any of the sword forms.

Elemental Affinity: all elements

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