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Train 'till you Drop!

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1 Train 'till you Drop! on Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:26 pm

"Are you sure this will work?" Konorai asked. She moved over to the side opposite to her last position. "Of course it will!" She said back to herself. She turned back to her first position. "But really, this isn't necessary." She, AGAIN, switched positions. "Oh yes it is!" She responded. She sits on the ground. "Alright...." She answered. She pulls out a pair of super heavy weights and put them on her ankles, then covered them with her leg warmers.

"If it's to help me get stronger..." She thought smiling. She tried to stand up, but was not at all used to the weights bringing her back down. She continued to struggle, just to get up for a few minutes, then finally succeeded. She sighed and thought, " going to take some getting used to..."

She walks over to a dummy she had constructed and placed herself, and started pummeling it. She mostly punched it because the weights would not allow much movement of her legs. Walking over to the dummy was even a struggle. "I'm going to have to train like this as much as possible. I need to..." she thought. "...train..." she said as she punched the dummy. "'...'till" she continued. She kept punching the dummy between words. "...I..." She punched even harder than before, aiming for it's head. "...drop...!" She finished as she tried to kick with her new weights on. She barely landed the kick, but still found it as an acomplishment. She smiled and sat down.

"Oops..." she started. "How am I supposed to get back up again?"

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2 Re: Train 'till you Drop! on Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:49 pm

After spending a while getting back up, Konorai kept punching and kicking the dummy. Eventually she got the hang of moving her legs with the weights on as well. After punching out what was left of the dummy, she moved on to trees nearby. The dummy was meant to symbolize an opponent with no solid form of defense, while the trees were enemies with good defenses.

She kept punching random items around her, imagining she was surrounded by rouge ninja. She kept attacking random items and almost punched a squirrel in the process. A few animals fell out of the trees Konorai was training with. She didn't notice, too wrapped up in her imagination to even see her surroundings.

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3 Re: Train 'till you Drop! on Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:47 pm

After fighting the air around her for hours on end, Konorai fell on her knees, exhausted. She begged her stamina to regenerate so she could continue training, but she couldn't pull it off. "How long have I been training?" she thought putting her hand to her forehead. She smirked, amused by her training. "I've wiped myself out.....fighting inanimate objects...." she said quietly to herself. She tried to use her hand to support herself and gradually pull herself up, but the weights again got in the way.

She sighed, satisfied with the amount of time she had trained. She looked around at the trees. She had trained all through the night and hadn't even noticed the dew drops that formed on the grass and leaves of the trees. ".....the smell after it rains...." she whispered. "What's so addictive about training at this exact spot.... Konorai thought. She picked up a small rock that was nearby, nearly out of reach due to the weight of....well the weights. She threw it on the grass farther from where it originally was. She tried to reach for it again to throw it a farther distance, as an attempt to get used to the weights. She kept reaching, but Konorai had thrown the rock just out of her reach.

Eventually, she managed to take hold of the small rock that she had just thrown. She looked around again. The squirrel that she had nearly killed scampered out of the tree and up to Konorai. She stared at it, interested. It looked at her, as if to say "Thanks for not killing me." Konorai smiled at the squirrel and tried to pick it up, but it ran away as soon as she tried. She sighed and fell over. "Yay training...." she said unenthusiastically, raising her hand into the air. She then let her arm fall to the ground and tried to take her mind off training for a while.

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4 Re: Train 'till you Drop! on Tue Sep 29, 2009 2:11 am

Todome, sitting on a nearby tree, was amused by all of this, Keep going he laughs, The more you tear your muscles, the better your body will grow them back for future challenges He advises, jumping down from the tree.

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5 Re: Train 'till you Drop! on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:57 pm

Konorai screamed and sat up, starled by the sudden other voice. "Stay back...I know taijutsu!" she said pulling out my nunchucks that she had never fully learned how to use. She sat there, shaking. "Damn it! I'm not really that I?" she thought.

Konorai exhaled, thinking about her whole life, as if she was going to die. "No...this is....not really exactly why I became a ninja..." she whispered. Konorai steadily worked her way to her feet and held out the nunchucks in front of her in a defensive stance, still shaking.

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6 Re: Train 'till you Drop! on Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:58 am

Without a response, Konorai continued to train, kicking at the tree with the weights, although she was beginning to adjust to them. The she switched to punches and fought the tree until it seemed to be slightly cracking. But it had taken hours just to get it to that point. Konorai refused to take a break, she kept fighting as if it was someone she had a grudge on. The tree only slightly splintered about every ten times she attacked it.

She kept her gaze on the breaking, splintering parts of the tree. At some point, Konorai involuntarily jumped in the air and adding a kick and punch to it. The tree splintered even more than with normal attacks. After nearly splintering half of it after several more hours passed, Konorai pulled out a kunai. She smiled and scratched in the surface of the tree, "Konorai was here"
She smirked and went to go find something else to do. She would return to train later on, but she knew that she couldn't stay here forever, even if she wanted to.

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