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Abilities given by the Biju to the Jinchuriki

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1 Abilities given by the Biju to the Jinchuriki on Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:40 pm


Raikage/Kaguya Leader/ Negative Shichibi Holder/ Wind God
Normal Bijuu:

Ichibi ~ Sand - Manipulation of Sand.

Nibi ~ Darkness - Body Manipulation. Has the ability to manipulate ONE dead body, utilizing all skills B-Rank and lower.

Sanbi ~ Water - Manipulation of Water

Yonbi ~ Lava - Ability to create Lava out of Fire and Earth. Minor manipulation of each element seperately

Gobi ~ Illusions - Able to cast images rivaling the Uchiha clan. Recieves ONE S - Rank Genjutsu unique to the user.

Rokubi ~ Lightning - Manipulation of Lightning

Shichibi ~ Earth - Manipulation of Earth

Hachibi ~ Evil - Spirit Summoning. Recieves one B-Class Summoning of an evil spirit.

Kyuubi ~ Fire - Manipulation of Fire

Baby Bijuu:

Jyu-Ichibi ~ Sand - Minor Sand Manipulation

Jyu-Nibi ~ Darkness - Body Manipulation. Can Manipulate one dead body, utilizing normal human functions and E-Ranked skills.

Jyu-Sanbi ~ Water - Minor Water Manipulation

Jyu-Yonbi ~ Lava - Minor Ability to create Lava out of Fire and Earth. Minor manipulation of each element seperately

Jyu-Gobi ~ Illusion - Able to cast images of great power. Recieves ONE B-Rank genjutsu unique to the user.

Jyu-Rokubi ~ Lightning - Minor Manipulation of Lightning

Jyu-Shichibi ~ Earth - Minor Manipulation of Earth

Jyu-Hachibi ~ Evil - Spirit Summoning. Recieves one D-Class summoning of an evil spirit.

Jyu-Kyuubi ~ Fire - Minor Manipulation of Fire

Negative Bijuu

Ichibi ~ Earth - Earth Manipulation

Nibi ~ Light - Light burst attack. A-Ranked ability that allows the user to expel light chakra from their body. Lasts for 2 posts, causing any person caught in the 10 yd radius will suffer burns and minor blindness, along with dizziness associated with the light.

Sanbi ~ Fire - Fire Manipulation

Yonbi ~ Healing - Healing Abilities. Can Heal minor wounds over 1 post, and major, non life threatening over 4 posts. Life threatening wounds take 10 posts to heal.

Gobi ~ 5 basic elements - Medium Manipulation over Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning.

Rokubi ~ Sound - Ability to Manipulate Vibrations in the air, causing sound waves.

Shichibi ~ Wind - Wind Manipulation

Hachibi ~ Force Waves - Has the ability to push or pull things using pure willpower. The more concentrated the user, the stronger the push or pull.

Kyuubi ~ Ice/Water - Water/Ice Manipulation

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