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Leveling the playing field

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1 Leveling the playing field on Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:20 pm

Tonsui sat on a log on the outskirts of the village quietly waiting and drawing a pattern in the earth with his powers. his message should have been received by now and his brother should have been on the way but this was getting a bit ridiculous. "Oi Sousuke! I'm tired of waiting hurry up and attack eh?! Tonsui's fist clenched and the pattern on the ground collapsed into a crater in front of him. This was getting old and fast.

Sousuke mean while admired his brother from a distance behind him noticing just how much the little brat had grown since their last fight. he looked to Kaze who growled lowly before turning and walking away. "Sorry Kaze...this fight you can't be in." Sousuke watched his little brother collapse the ground in front of him and smiled. "Still short tempered eh?" he muttered as he walked from the bushes. "Oi Tonsui the hell do you want this time?"

Tonsui's ears perked as sousuke strolled out from behind the bushes. "Took your ass long enough. where's Kaze?" Tonsui stood from the log his tails appearing and swaying gently in the wind. "Doesn't matter i suppose. I take it akatsuki has remobilized under another Rin`negan user though?" Tonsui turned to face Sousuke his face was void of expression as he stood there his black tails gently swaying behind him.

"I can hardly see why that concerns you." Sousuke began. "However i do have some information on your Light person. He appears to be seperated from dark with the ability to rejoin him if dark wishes it. from what I gather dark is the one who initiated the split." Sousuke sighed. "If all you called me here to do was talk... I'll be leaving." Sousuke turned away for a second and began to walk away.

Tonsui growled at sousuke and raised a hand. fire erupted around the field raising to be twenty feet high. "You'll be going nowhere. You see i've grown tired of being your subordinate. Now brother, you will obey me." Tonsui punctuated his words with shots of lightning. behind him meanwhile one of his tails twitched frantically as a purple chakra enveloped it.

Sousuke sighed as the fire wall rose and turned to face his brother. "I was worried this might gained a bijuu and you think you're able to beat me now" Behind Sousuke five tails of his own appeared swaying gently behind him. he grasped each lightning bolt as it flew crushing each in his hand as he prepared for this fight.

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2 Re: Leveling the playing field on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:59 pm

Tonsui gritted his teeth as a second tail became enveloped with chakra. "Not this time brother this time I will Defeat you." gripping his sword he held it aloft in front of him charging it steadily. He swung his sword seconds later launching a wave of chakra at Sousuke before rushing forward to meet his sword. the scenery around them flashed and in an instant trees were on fire and the ground had spiked out as though chasing some one. Tonsui was on a spire only his head visible above the rocky top.

Sousuke smirked gripping his sword and activating the technique he was sure his brother would use. as time ground to a halt around the sousuke blasted fire at tounsui while Tonsui sent rocky spikes at his brother's head. all at once the technique ended and the trees caught on fire while sousuke stood on a spire behind his brother. grinning as his brother struggled frantically. "I've had this power longer than you. You're no match for it in my hands."

Tonsui growled his appearence becoming feral as his chakra enveloped him. "I said. I will defeat you this time and i meant it." the spires collapsed into the ground and tonsui was left in the air wind swirling around him. boulders rose about him and fire erupted from his hands compressing before they reached his level. Tonsui grinned as rings of water appeared sucked from the very atmosphere around them. "Houkou is a master of escape. but my bijuu on the other hand, mine is attack based." Tonsui grinned as the fifth tail behind him became enveloped as well.

Sighing, sousuke sheathed his sword and created the same technique as Tonsui. "Tonsui you should now by now that if i'm an expert of escape and you an expert of pursuit this will get us nowhere." Sousuke smiled gripping his sword once more. time ground to a halt around him and Sousuke rushed to tonsui drawing ninja wire from his pouch. he quickly tied it to tonsui and took his place before him once more gently gripping the wire.

Tonsui laughed maniacally as the boulders swirled about dangerously before one caught the wire dragging his leg downwards. Sousuke ran a charge through the wire immediately and Tonsui felt his body fall from his control. "You see dear brother. I can control myself in battle and you cannot." sousuke said. Tonsui stood his chakra beginning to overwhelm him. "Uh uh we can''t have that can we?" sousuke bit his thumbs and made three handseals before slamming his hands to the ground and sendingten chains which pierced Tonsui's shoulders stomach and legs.

Sousuke stood up admiring his work. "Bind." Sousuke muttered forming another handseal. the chains reacted accordingly and wrapped around Tonsui. Sousuke turned from Tonsui and began to walk away. "Oi Ton-ton i'll deal with you later." Sousuke disappeared from the area and the chains disintegrated. Tonsui stood and growled before turning and running off.

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