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meeting of the demi-gods

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1 meeting of the demi-gods on Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:51 pm


mizukage/lightning god/ raijuu holder/ levina clan leader/ master of swords
mizukage/lightning god/ raijuu holder/ levina clan leader/ master of swords
kuni begins walking back to his office after the fight with sousuke. in his mind he kept wondering who his master is, and why he wants to meet kuni so bad. sousukes image went through his mind. finally he realizes than sousuke has a bijuu. the image of the 5 white tails hit kuni. he must be stronger than he seemed. but kuni wanted to know why he won so easily if he has a bijuu.

he sighed as he walked back to his office slowly. closing his eyes calmly, feeling the calm breeze blow past him. it felt nice, cooling him down on the hot summers day. but kuni lost focus for a second. zoneing out as his vision sweared on the inside of his eyelids. taking form of the mist village when he was but a yound child.


young kukni ran across the street of the mist village excitably. the make on his cheek glowed lightly as he held a ball of lightning. he ran to his father and hugged him. he was covered in a tattoo similar to kuni. kunis young self smiled and practiced his 2 lightning jutsus. the mark glowed bightly on his cheek, but it began to pread down his arm. he scream in pain.

as he screamed his mom and dad came running. they watched in horror as the tattoo spreaded prematurely across the young boys arm. the power of the lightning went crazy, and his father had to calm it down. but t forced their chairs to catch on fire from the heat.his mother quickly used a water jutsu to put the flames out.

the 2 looked at eachother and pondered why the tattoo spread early. they thought it must of had something to do with kuni and his father hugging as the ball of lightning was in kunis small palm. he was merely 3 at the time.

but horrow str4uck the village. hundeds of screams filled the air. the sky filled with lightning as kunis father ran ouytside. his tattoo glowed brightly and the storm generated formed a tornado around his father. his mother ran across roofs and made handseals. kuni looked at them running to the creature that was destroying the village.

he backed away slowly and ran away. running to the hill near the edge of the village to get a better view. he could see the large ferret-like creature destroying the village. its roar was light a hundred lightning bolts going off at the same time. than everything faded.

<~end flashback~>

kuni walked into a wall accidently. sighing he turned around and walked around the corner. getting in front of his building in a few minutes and stopping. he brushed his long white hair out of his face and looked at his building. it was brand new after the original one was destroyeed in the attack.

raiu, my pet ferret with baby raijuu in him

my tsurugi buster sword

RIP les paul
forever you will be in my heart and in my hands as i rock out to your name. my hero, les paul
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