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Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing)

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1 Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Fri Sep 04, 2009 5:22 pm

Kisuke stepped into the ring wearing a loose robe tied ath the waist with a white rope. he stood against the wall of the ring waiting rather impatiently for his opponent to arrive and colloecting a bit of ambient chakra while he did so.

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2 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:26 pm


Raikage/Kaguya Leader/ Negative Shichibi Holder/ Wind God
Ryuu jumped into the ring, landing with immense force and cracking the ground beneath him. Looking around he noticed his opponent standing against the rings wall. Grinning, he just lifted a hand and waved him forward, taking the stance of the Mantis.

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3 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:30 pm

Kisuke sighed and stepped from the wall into the ring. it was such a lovely day to have to be couped up in here like this. but at the very least the ring had an open view above. Kisuke drew his hand along the rope he was using as a belt and tugged on the knot pulling it out with a ruffling sound to his robe. As he pulled the robe off the Jewels embedded in his body glimmered in the sunlight and he sighed once more.

"Isuppose you're waiting on me eh?" He didn't need to hear the answer that was written all over Ryuu's face to know that the kage meant business. "Just don't complain if i kick your ass a bit alright?" Kisuke knew he'd get his ass handed to him on a silver platter but it was still fun to antagonize Ryuu a little. he brought his thumb to his mouth and bit it before making a line down a tattoo on his left arm. when the line turned black and set his tattoo resembled a sword. he clapped his hands together and brought them back out while a sword materialized between his palms.

"Kuchiyose, Binding sword." he murmured gripping the handle tightly in his right hand. "i have yet to use this since i recieved it but i suppose for the reason i need it it will do." Kisuke grinned as the sword took a white aura and the jewel on the back of his neck started to tingle slightly. "Been a while since i went all out so forgive me if i'm a lil rusty." Kisuke grinned then swung his sword not bothering to get close to Ryuu. as his sword sang happily in the rush of wind white chakra followed the tip and flung off in a crescent pattern towards Ryuu. (Wind nature chakra so keep that in mind)

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4 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:44 pm


Raikage/Kaguya Leader/ Negative Shichibi Holder/ Wind God
Ryuu stood in the same position, staring at Kisuke in amazement. The wind chakra flew over too him, and circled, waiting to be used.

Ryuu got out of his position and chuckled. "Fuuton: Mujuuryou no Kiten," he muttered, forming the hand seals quickly and forcing a bit of the chakra from the bijuu inside of his into the jutsu. Finishing it, the grinned at looked at Kisuke, now floating in the air.

"Pretty little technique, isnt it. I must say, it has its uses." Ryuu said, a Kage Bunshin popping into existance next to him without the use of handseals.

The Bunshin concentrated the chakra it had been given and made a handsign, holding the Jutsu that was keeping Kisuke floating in the air.

Ryuu grinned ad began forming more handsigns, ones alot longer then the first one. This was going to take a bit more concentration and chakra.

Fuuton: Mujuuryou no Kiten [Wind Release: Zero Gravity Point]
Rank: A
Requirements: None
Description: A wind technique that allows the user to make a target ‘lose’ their gravity and place them in a zero gravity and zero friction zone, meaning the target loses any normal ability he has to react, such as dodging, countering… etc. This jutsu uses a high concentration of air and wind under a target to counter his weight.

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5 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:12 pm

Kisuke sighed as the purple gem on his spine glowed and chakra poured from his shoulder blades. the chakra took a skeletal form which was then covered by a dark chakra which hardened into a black fleshy material. with a tremendous swooping motion the wings thrust themselves downward bringing Kisuke forward. the sword in his hand disappeared and the tattoo on his arm glowed ready for re-usage when needed. the blade of the tattoo had shortened a little.

Kisuke formed a string of handseals and muttered "Doryuu Taiga" the ground beneath Kisuke slid forward softening as it rushed at the clone and Ryuu himself. Kisuke meanwhile was having his fill of the ambient chakra being put off by Ryuu's technique. Another flap of his wings and he bit his left thumb and placed a dot in the middle of his tattoo on his right arm. as his left hand came away from the tattoo a small orb glinted in his hand. in his right the sword rematerialized as he waited for Ryuu's attack.

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6 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:45 pm


Raikage/Kaguya Leader/ Negative Shichibi Holder/ Wind God
Ryuu swore as Kisuke escaped the anti gravity field. Dispelling his clone, Ryuu let the field drop, and stopped his hand signs all together. Looking at Kisuke, he acknowledged the sword and stretched, bones cracking everywhere.

Standing straight again, Ryuu looked directly at Kisuke and grinned like a mad man. "Well, I must say. Im quite pleased to be able to do this. Its been a very long time since Ive had this oppurtunity."

And then the bones exploded from his body. They zig zagged and danced everywhere, shooting in every direction, although the majority of them were concentrated at Kisuke. Pulling them back in quickly, Ryuu looked like he had gone though a mine field and survived, bones protruding from all over hs body. The most notable features however were two long rapier like bones, one in each hand.

"Ahh, this feels good," Ryuu said, his voice now distorted. It gave off an almost grinding sound, one that reminded people of nails of a chalkboard.

He then grinned maniacally. "Let me show you how to really use the wind in an attack. Like this!"

With that Ryuu swung his sword, pumping them with Bijuu chakra, and sending two giant and extremely fast wind blasts at Kisuke.

Using speed, Ryuu followed up very quickly, and shot one of his swords right at Kisuke's body, at a pressure point using deadly accuracy.

"Dance Number Four: Dance of the Devil."

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7 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:01 am

Kisuke sighed and geld the glimmering orb out. in front of him a black door opened and Kisuke stepped in leaving a black after image of the door he had gone through for the wind attacks to hit. Kisuke stepped out of the black door behind Ryuu. "I'm not about to stand there and be hit fool." Kisuke's eyes glinted and the orb in his hand glowed.

"Is that all you wanted to show me or should I wait a second before using this?" In his hand the glowing lights inside the orb stopped altogether and Kisuke spoke once more. "Her in my right hand the stone that connects the worlds, in my left the sword that binds existance. the black haired shepherd, the chair of the noose. I strick the Ibis when the clouds gather." in front of Kisuke a thin black line jerked across the air and widened. as it did a huge force began sucking in all loose objects like feathers in the wind. "Let's see you deal with that Mr. Kage" Kisuke's face formed a thin sadistic smile as he watched eagerly.

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8 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Sat Sep 05, 2009 9:38 am


Raikage/Kaguya Leader/ Negative Shichibi Holder/ Wind God
Ryuu grimanced as the bones shot through his feet, securly holding him to the ground. He looked at Kisuke and smiled though, almost maniacally.

"Very good. Haha, I havent had so much fun in a long time," he said, his eyes turning a slight red.

And then chakra erupted from his body, an overwhelming amount of pure wind chakra, holding a distinct demonic trait. A wave of his hand and a tornado formed behind Kisuke, and then on the side. Another wave of his hand set these giant natural disasters on fire, spewing dirt and trees everywhere. The bones burst from his body again, forming a cocoon around Ryuu, a cocoon of sharp pointy objects flowing with wind chakra increasing the sharpness.

Looking at Kisuke, he grinned menancingly and formed the same handsigns Kisuke just did.

"Doryuu Taiga."

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9 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Sat Sep 05, 2009 9:53 am

Kisuke grinned. "This is gonna be fun" he said while the orb in his hand reverse summoned itself back and he flicked his sword to his left hand. "But let's make this interesting." Kisuke held his right hand towards the developing tornados and blasted each of them with fire causing a tremendous explosion. meanwhile he closed in his wings and dive bombed the ground forming a snake handseal.

As he hit the earth Kisuke went through it and rushed at ryuu from below ground. When he was directlye beneath the kage he formed a few handseals and muttered, "Baku Suishouha," as water poured from his open mouth and filled the area around him Kisuke formed yet more handseals as the water pooled up beneath Ryuu. "Daibakuryuu no Jutsu" he said in the small bubble he had made of the earth around him.

above him the earth churned as the underwater lake developed into a whirlpool sucking down earth and large trees as well. Kisuke gripped his sword which he had set in front of him to form the handseals and launched himself out of the ground to the side of the whirlpool. as he landed he took a countering stance and prepared to strike.

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10 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:10 pm


Raikage/Kaguya Leader/ Negative Shichibi Holder/ Wind God
As Kisuke disappeared in the ground, Ryuu began making handseals. Blaing through them easily and fast, as this was one of his favorite techniques, he reached the last seal as soon as the giant earthen whirlpool formed beneath him. Maintaining his balance for a split second, he released the technique, calling out its name.

"Chikei no Naraku no Jutsu."

At that command, the earth burst with giant inferno's, each on drying up the water beneath him instantly, steam rising from the ground. They slowly moved away from his body, eating everything up, rock, tree, even the random kunai.

Ryuu grinned slightly, and then jumped into the air, forming more handseals. Calling out the name of this technique, he pushed his Bijuu's chakra into this one also, greatly increasing the power of the attack.

"Fuuton • Daitoppa."

And with that attack, a giant ball of wind was emitted from Ryuu's mouth, greatly increasing the speed and power of the flames below. Ryuu grinned and summoned forth his bone weapons again, rushing and chasing down Kisuke.

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11 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:35 pm

The orb reappeared in Kisuke's hand just before the break rush of wind was on him. the black door opened once more with a screeching sound and he watched the trees and dirt blow around from behind his ethereal shelter. "Why can't people play nice. geez." Kisuke sighed as the blood on his right arm disolved and the orb shattered into pieces. the sword's blade disappeared on his left arm tattoo however and his sword disappeared in a plume of smoke along with it. "Your move bud" he stated.

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12 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Sat Sep 05, 2009 9:56 pm


Raikage/Kaguya Leader/ Negative Shichibi Holder/ Wind God
Ryuu landed in the middle of the raging inferno, noting that a small puddle had not been evaporated. That was good new to him, as he grinned and quickly formed an immense amount of hand seals while sprouting bones from his body to protect him. It took a couple seconds, but Ryuu went through almost two hundred hand seals before reaching the final one.

Facing Kisuke, Ryuu stated the name of the jutsu.


From in front of Ryuu, a large cloud of chakra appeared, sucking in all the elements around him. The puddle quickly got sucked in, along with a large majority of the fire and the earth beneath it. There was a low pressure as the air was dragged into the cloud, and due to the heat and low air pressure, lightning shot down from the sky into the cloud.

From the within the cloud, a giant dragon burst forth, teeming with all the elements. Staring at Kisuke, it roared and barreled toward him, hurtling through the air and ground, ignoring every obstacle in its way. The Eternal Dragon was on the loose.

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13 Re: Ryuu vs Kisuke (spar no killing) on Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:43 am

Kisuke jumped and dodged the dragon barely before breaking into a run. he ran onto the wall and aroung the ring. when he saw the dragon beginning to follow he made a single handsign and burst into seven clones with the eighth being above the ring biting his left thumb. the clones dispersed each forming a rasengan in pairs and adding elemental chakra to it after that was done.

each group continued circling the ring and Ryuu until they formed a spinning triangle with three different color rasengans spinning about it. up top the seventh piece of the puzzle fell into place as his left arm tattoo burned bright red. the sword appeared just as the earthen rasengan pair drove their rasengan into the wall creating a creased line about the ring. As the ring completed the earth pair dispersed and the fire and water pairs threw their rasengans to the center of the ring annihilating themselves as they did so.

the two rasengan collided sending a flurry of fireballs and water drills in every direction while Kisuke himself came down from above blasting each small strike out of the way. as he neared Ryuu his sword glowed and he swung towards him knowing if this didn't seal ryuu's chakra he would lose the match.

(OOC: I fully intend to collapse next post from exhaustion and the sward, when binding, does not leave any physical damage just seals your chakra for one post.)

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