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The Villages will go on with their wars and fight for their so-called justice. The Akatsuki will go on with their Bijuu catching and show true pain to bring peace. Which side will you be on?

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Territory Walk a bout (open to anyone, no killing)

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Hidan was walking in the desert and he was tired and thirsty from a long walk. "My god...why does this village have to be in the middle of a bloody desert!?" screamed Hidan, then he realized his throat was dry and screaming didn't help much. Then he yelled in pain from the heat and he fell down to his knees barely breathing. The heat was getting to him, he thought he saw Sunagakure just ahead. "That's a mirage I bet..." said Hidan while wheezing. "I hope they have water!!" Said Hidan all excited like a little boy seeing a big red firetruck. So Hidan started to run to the gates as fast as he could, but since there was sand all over the place, it was kinda hard for him to run. "Gotta make it before it disappears!!" said Hidan as he ran down a sand dume. That took about 24 minutes, because he fell over some bones of a body. "Wow...nice art work you got there..." He mumbled to himself then he sat up and saw the giant gateway to the Village hidden in the sand. "Wow...nice piece of shit you got there..." he mumbled to himself again, trying not to make a habit of it. "Hello!!, ANYONE HERE!?!?" Hidan screamed at the top of his lungs while walking in the gateway. "Maybe there out for coffee...they gotta be out for coffee...damn stupid coffee..." Hidan was now talking to himself, looking like a crazy person.

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