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Lark Kaguya Finished

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1 Lark Kaguya Finished on Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:08 am

Name: Lark Kaguya

Age: 14

Bloodline: Kaguya

Rank: Genin
Classification: Imdimidet
Village: Kumo
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Avatar

Personality:Lark can be a very nice person when he wants to be, But when he is in a fight he goes to kill the person unless one of his teammates stop him. When lark was five he never hurt anyone untill he was attacked by some thugs he killed them with ease and now he is nice to people who dont hurt him.

History:Lark was born on a winters day coldest it has ever been in the Mist village for lark he did not feel it because he was inside his familys home and did not understand what was going on. When lark turned five years old he started to learn about his clan from his uncle who started to teach him how to use his Bones in jutsus. Lark was a quick learner and hunted many animals from Pigs to Bears to get use to useing the Bones for attack and defence. Lark joined the Mist academy at the age of 8 and learned alot and Pasted the Academy at the age of 10. Lark was genin at age of 10 he also devoted himself to Taijutsu. When he got to the age of 13 he left to the Lightning village and told them to see if he could join the Leaf village as a genin there. After a whole year of waiting Lark was alowed into the village hidden in the Mountains. During the Whole year lark was training his Taijutsu So much that he Opened the first of the 8 Gates. When Lark did that the first time he blacked out and woke up a week later, but when he used it again and again he got the hang of it and he can now use it at will.

Speciality: Taijutsu
Learned jutsus:

Name: Suiken, literally "Drunken Fist"
Name: Konoha Senpū, literally "Leaf Whirlwind"
Name: Konoha Reppū, literally "Leaf Gale"
Name: Konoha Daisenpu, literally "Leaf Great Whirlwind"
Name: Dainamikku-Entori, literally "Dynamic Entry"
Name: Konoha Senpuu
Name: Yanagi no Mai - Dance of the Willows
Name: Teshi Sendan - Ten Finger Drilling Bullets
Name: Tsubaki no Mai - Dance of the Camellia
Name: Karamatsu no Mai - Dance of the Larch
Name: Initial Gate [Kaimon]
Elements: None
Weapons/items: Bones
Goals: None

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2 Re: Lark Kaguya Finished on Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:00 pm


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