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Cheza Kaguya

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1 Cheza Kaguya on Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:05 pm

Name: Cheza Kaguya
Age: 19
Rank: genin
Personality: Cheza is secretive about the organization's goals she only wants people like her friends to accept her to accepted her so she is very trustworthy she is also kind and sweet towards her friends but very cold towards the her enemies. . She is very softspoken and very calculating in her ways of thinking of a plan up to make it work. She is awfully shy around the other people she just adores her friends from the bottom of her heart. She is awfully shy around strangers because she doesn't know how to deal and because she doesn't know what to say to them unless they are her friends then she opens up her heart and speaks to them. She doesn't talk much because she doesn't get along with people much, but she's always speaks about her friends in the highest regards, but when it comes towards her enemies she speaks about them in the lowest regards.

Cheza is cheerful, active, strongly competitive, resourceful, who feels people’s pain and feels what they feel in their hearts she reads several moves ahead at the same time. She can change from being a sweet girl to being coldhearted girl if it completes the mission. She is very much feeling anyone's pain and feels what they feel in their hearts.
History: Cheza was born nineteen years ago, and she was trying to go to school without any battles at all she just wanted to make sure that nothing will be wrong she was born into the Kaguya family, but she was born with bronchitis as well she has it so badly that she is almost to the life and death, but she doesn’t want anyone to fight at all. Cheza has been raised in isolation, and she loves to go to the mall if her parents did allowed it when she was ten years old she loves to sing while she can. She was born to be free-spirited, and she wanted to make sure wanted to do what she wanted. When her parents died when she gotten to be aged sixteen years old she taken good care of herself.

Cheza was fully named Cheza Sakura Kaguya she knew her life is complicated, and nobody understands her because nobody wants to understand her at all. Cheza grew up around music, but she wants people to fully see her behind the mask of lies she puts out she wants everyone to get along with her without anyone putting her down or calling her names she just didn’t know she wanted. She just wanted someone like her friends to accept her fully without no strings attached. She wants to grow up, and see another day she just looked at her friends she saw how healthy they are this one song sings to her tears of blood she knows the meaning of it, and she wanted people to understand her as well.

Element: light
Goals: just trying to keep the peace between the world without going into battles
learned jutsu: Kaguya-related jutsus.
Bloodline: Kaguya

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2 Re: Cheza Kaguya on Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:20 pm

*pulls out stamp* *thwacks it onto application* Also approved for Lotusmaster Earth

Our name is Legion, for we are...Many

Abandon hope all ye who enter here,
Death is upon you with nothing but fear,
Sanity is lost and time knows no bounds,
as the whip cracks, hear those unearthly sounds,
scream out in pain then fade out in death,
cry all you want and waste your last breath.

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