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The Freak is back!!

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1 The Freak is back!! on Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:16 pm

Name: Three

Age: 16

Bloodline: ((I'll make or join one.. *shrug*))

Rank: Jounin level
Village: Sound
Alignment:A dark exterior but kind at heart.


Personality: Naturally quiet and submissive since childhood it was reinforced in the institute. Now stays silent and doesnt make eye contact unless spoken to.

History: {Institution beginings Arc}
Was 'volunteered' at a young age and sent to 'the institution". At the institute he was beaten senseless by the other students for the first three years. Finally one day he snapped and smashed three of the other children into the ground. That was when he first caught the eye of the teachers, he was the third one so far to display any capability. Being taken into a seperate dorm he was experimented on daily, his body was broken down and in constant pain by the time they inserted the dark element to his chakra.
His body went into a three day coma as his own naturally high chakra adapted into the dark chakra that they wanted him to have. On his third birthday he woke up and began wailing about the voices in his head fighting. Three had developed multiple personalities. Three was normal and calm passive-aggresive. The other two are One who is aggresive and Two who is very pasive and timid. He kept the other two a secret and was very well off but his fractured mind couldnt help but make him strange and distant to others.
{end instiution beginings arc}
{Institution Middle Arc}
A few years later the boys talents had grown so he could shape his dark chakra into dark versions of other elements with a little more practice he would be able to do advanced elements such as wood and ice. Every day he was put through rigourus training and advanced classes, he was already done with trigonometry at the age of five. The boy was fast but his punches werent as strong as the other two. However, he could control his shadowy chakra better than the others. His face was always sad or pained as his pain increased. Finally getting so worn out he couldnt focus the board of experiments gave him three days to rest.
During his resting period he relaxed around the dorms. Growing bored and meditating for many hours he walked away from the dorms one night and dissappeared. Finally showing up in Otogakure he was taken in by a small familly. Going before the kage he was given a series of tests, passing them quickly and easily he was granted the rank of jounin and moved out to his own small house on the outskirts of town where he spends most of his time.

Speciality:chakra intuned, elementally atuned
Learned jutsus: basics for genin, bunshin. you know.
Elements: (changes..)
Weapons/items: a few simple ninja tools
Goals: To find a place where he can live in peace

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2 Re: The Freak is back!! on Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:18 pm

blah blah blah approved owo can i has cookie now?

Our name is Legion, for we are...Many

Abandon hope all ye who enter here,
Death is upon you with nothing but fear,
Sanity is lost and time knows no bounds,
as the whip cracks, hear those unearthly sounds,
scream out in pain then fade out in death,
cry all you want and waste your last breath.

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3 Re: The Freak is back!! on Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:19 pm

gives a cookie "si.."

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