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Raikou Joukai Oni

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1 Raikou Joukai Oni on Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:30 am

Name: Raikou Joukai Oni

Age: 17

Bloodline: Oni

Rank: Genin
Village: Kirigakure
Alignment: Neutral (Only does things that benefit himself)

Appearance: Raikou's bright, canary-yellow hair is short and often unruly, almost like it has a mind of its own. Because it can be seen easily, he usually keeps it covered with a black bandana when on missions, but uncovers it again when he's not on missions. His electric blue eyes have a kind of piercing look when he's serious, brooding, depressed, or angry, but are otherwise as sparkling and energetic as he is.
His clothes are darker to compensate for his bright hair. He wears a tight, black long-sleeved shirt year-round, despite the temperature. He also wears long black pants with pockets for weapons and scrolls, and usually wears a pair of bandoliers across his chest for extra scrolls and kunai. He has outfitted his original ninja shoes with rubber inside to protect against possible electricution.

Personality: Raikou is extremely energetic and completely non-linear. It's believed he has acute ADHD, due to the fact that he can hardly focus on one thing for ten minutes before his mind floating away to focus on something completely different. Though this keeps him from being particularly knowledgable about one form of study, it also keeps him at least partially knowledgable in many subjects. However, one of his greatest fascinations is with electricity and lightning jutsu, which matches his personality. His non-linear thinking also makes him completely unpredictable, both in speech and in combat, and makes him rather erratic.

History: Raikou Joukai Oni was born from two weak, poor civilians who could lived in poverty in the back of the ramen shop they worked at. The name, which means Lightning from Heaven was meant as both a threat to the yakuza they had to make payments to in order to protect the shop and themselves and a ray of hope for the family. Their hopes would be answered, though they would never expect the answer no parent wants to hear.
Growing up, Raikou was allowed quite a bit of freedom. He often stole from the local markets, but would be beaten roughly if he got caught. After being caught several times, he taught himself to move his hands quickly, to move quietly, and to run for long distances, which allowed him to steal and escape capture. He even managed to steal, a book from a salesman from Kumogakure who was selling textbooks. By chance, it was a book on conducting electricity with a small, simple apparatus of kunai and iron wire.
Years later, after confessing to his parents that he wanted to be a shinobi, Raikou started going to the Academy. His parents, used to his flights of fancy, let him try it out, thinking that he would lose interest in a few days. They were surprised, however, to find that Raikou was entirely serious, and that he'd been focusing uncharacteristically hard to pass.
Raikou eventually passed the Academy exam, and began experimenting with some of his kunai and explosive tag materials, eventually finding that by adding the kanji for lightning to the bottom of what was usually an explosive tag, he could create a small electrical field. He called his invention the static tag, and began his training as a true shinobi.

Speciality: Ninjutsu
Learned jutsus: All Academy Jutsu.
Elements: Lightning (dominant) and Fire (recessive)
Weapons/items: A special, hand-made explosive tag that has the kanji for "Lightning" added. It allows the explosive tag to emit a weak electric current through both the kunai and the tag.
Goals: To make as much money as possible!

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