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1 [Untitled] on Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:22 pm

crash crash crash
Can't you hear it?
Crash crash crash
Can't you hear it
Going down?

Splitting in two?
Or over time?
Long time damage?
Just being notice?

How long?
How much?

Ask the questions
Look for answers.
Try to ask,
but words get stuck
in the back of the

Stuck, tring to crawl out
getting jammed
a lump
forming. Can't breathe
Can't breathe, oh air
please come save me.

How much longer?
How much will it grow?
That crack is big,
When did it start?
Why didn't i notice til now?

This little heart,
it acted so strong,
like it could handle your harsh winds
But it seems to have a crack.
It's starting to fall apart

No, no, not again.
I have to stop before
it begins!

Why this way?
Why now?
When did i
ever earn this

You look down at me
Cold eyes, hard and serious.
I feel like you judge me.
I feel stupid writing this.
You probably won't read it

And if you did,
You wouldn't listen.
You would say,
what i know you would say

Words, cutting the crack
even more.
Please, just don't talk.
I have to figure it out.

Answer me, Talk to me,
in a way
that you would to someone
That i'm supposed to be.

Why did this happen?
When did this happen?
I just need a rest or
something to sharpen

Pressing the point down,
warm, cool, and suffocating.
It's back again.
The lump.
The lump that i can't swallow.
The lump that I can't get out.

Stupid Lump,
stopping me.
Stopping You?
I wouldn't know.
You don't talk much anyways.
You have work.

And more work.
And more.
And more.
and yet...
You require more.

Take a rest?
For once?

But don't do it,
because i asked.
Being hostile, isn't what i want
All i want,
is just some affection.

Or maybe just alittle attention.

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2 Re: [Untitled] on Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:53 am

I like it.


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