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Arashi Momochi

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1 Arashi Momochi on Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:53 pm

Name: Arashi Momochi
Age: 16
Bloodline: None
Rank: Genin

Village: Mist Village
Alignment: Good

Arashi is in the process of developing into a mature adult. Therefore his facial features are forming into sleeker versions of their younger selves and his entire body in general is becoming taller and more defined. Straight black hair hangs from atop his head and drapes down across his crystal blue eyes, however somehow does not affect his vision at all. His jawline is sharpened and coated with a thin layer of black facial hair. A razor sharp tooth juts out over his lip, one of the few signs of his vampire blood that coarses through his veins, mixed equally with his mortal human blood. Another sign of his vampirism is the small red-tinted wings that recently sprouted from the back of his shoulder blades. When Arashi is in a good mood, they seem to flutter happily; however when he is angered, his wings will increase in size, becoming pointier and more detailed. His wings do not grant him the ability to fly, although he can hover just above the ground for a short period of time.

Arashi is almost always seen wearing his signature scarf, long black-and-grey striped and dulled in color from its over-usage. It hangs down in front of him, but no longer drags along the ground like it used to when he was younger and shorter. He is also always seen wearing a tightly fitting blue jacket that is a symbol of the pride of his Mist Village roots. His black pants are a standard of many ninjas and are wrapped in white bandages at the ends, slightly above the ankle. He also wears a pair of standard-issue ninja sandals, blue in color. Attached to his belt, a weapons pouch sits firmly against his backside from which Arashi seems to pull and endless amount of kunais from.

Arashi was silly and hyperactive in his younger years, but the majority of this attitude seemed to have wiped away throughout the years. Now he is modest and puts dedication into his work and missions, although at times, his younger self will take control. At these times, Arashi's next actions will be impulsive, unpredictable, and anything but ordinary. He has been known to perform Sexy Jutsu in the middle of an intense battle, followed by a series of uncontrollable laughter as his opponent stands gawking. However most of the time, Arashi will look out for his close friends and often put himself in harm's way to save them. He likes to think he is stronger than he really is and will sometimes push his limits in battle, resulting in himself passing out and a companion will have to carry him back to a Medical Core.

Arashi was originally born in the Hidden Mist Village. His parents had both died while he was very young, and his childhood was spent on the streets with the other abandoned children. Two years later Zabuza Momochi, a jonin at the time, took Arashi in and taught him simple water manipulation techniques. He was surprised to find that Arashi had an aptitude for that kind of jutsu. Arashi looked up to Zabuza as a role model and practiced his jutsu whole-heartedly every day. When he became a master of the technique he began to try it out on liquids other than water; he discovered that the technique worked equally as well when manipulating his own blood.

When Zabuza left the village and became rogue, Arashi made it his goal to enter the Ninja Academy and become a strong Genin so that he could leave the village in search of his Zabuza-Sama. The Mist Village, however, resented him because he had ties to Zabuza, who had involved himself in underground activities and rented out his work to corrupt politiciansm, and banished Arashi to a small shack on the edge of the village where he would not cause trouble for the other citizens. It was here where Arashi practiced his jutsu constantly and honed his ninja skills. Now he plans to once again resume his search for Zabuza, not knowing that he had died a short while ago. His only lead is a rogue ninja who was seen carrying Zabuza's unique decapitating blade...

Speciality: Blood Manipulation
Learned jutsus:
~ Clone Jutsu
~ Transformation Jutsu
~ Sexy Jutsu
~ Chakra Control Technique
~ Kunai Throwing Technique
~ Water Style: Blood Manipulation Technique
~ Blood Style: Red Slash
Elements: Primary - Water, Secondary - None
~ 1x Canteen Filled With Water

~ Locate Suigetsu, current holder of Zabuza's sword
~ Find out what happened to Zabuza/where he is
~ Become known as Chunin rank
~ Become a medical ninja
~ Learn following jutsu:
Blood Style: Blood Cell Regeneration Technique
Blood Style: Wound Resotration
Blood Style: Blood Clone Jutsu
Counter Style: Crimson Blood Phoenix

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