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Himura Ran - Tsuchikage and Omeshi no Kisaki

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1 Himura Ran - Tsuchikage and Omeshi no Kisaki on Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:23 pm

Name: Himura Ran [HEE-moor-ah RAHN]

Nickname: Omeshi no Kisaki [Empress/Queen of Summons]

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Chakra Affinity: Primary: Katon; Secondary: Doton

Village: Iwagakure

Rank: Tsuchikage – Rokudaime

Portrait: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!

Appearance: Ran has long, blue black hair down to the top of her thighs, although when it's up in a high ponytail it usually only reaches her lower back; spiky, jagged bangs run across her forehead, some parts between her eyebrows going down to a bit above the tip of her nose; on the sides, she . She has peach skin, a long, slender neck, as well as a sharp, angular face; her eyes are angular with vivid scarlet irises, and she has a small, sharp nose and a small, stern mouth. Her arms and legs are both long, as are her dexterous fingers, and she has a good sized bust and a tapering waist. Ran has very elaborate clothing: First off, she has a yellow, corset-like top with black borders and ties with flowy, short sleeves in white with gold borders. She also has a violet vest with black and gold borders; the black and gold pattern is consistent through all of the straps in her outfit. In addition, she has white arm warmers with gold lining with matching wrist and hand protectors. Ran has a white pair of pants that are very loose, so that when she is standing with her legs together, it could be passed off as a skirt. On her feet, she wears heels of the same mauve color as her vest, very like Tsunade's shoes. In terms of accessories, in her hair she has a large, white and gold decorative piece stuck right above her ponytail; also around her ponytail is a scarlet ribbon that matches her eyes with gold, arrow like borders on the ends. Also, she has a mantle of sorts, featuring the same scarlet as well as gold for borders but with soft, slate-green triangles around collarbone height; it also has a white silk inside that comes up in a wide collar, the edges of which have slight curves. The only other thing she has worth mentioning is the lighter mauve-and-gold belt she uses to keep up her katana, which has a triangular, brown-gold and purple leather hilt, as well as a four-foot long blade made of the most beautiful combination of silver and steal, kept in an expensive black sheath at her side.

Personality: Ran is a very strong-willed, independent woman. She can hold her own in pretty much whatever she does, most certainly in fights. Because of her position as Tsuchikage, she views it as a necessity that she remain distant and aloof, disentangled from personal affairs and only working for the good of the village. Because of this, her disposition can seem aloof, cold, and haughty. However, that would apparently be just a front she puts up around humans, because whenever she is with her summons alone and not on a mission, she drops many of these and becomes a much kinder person, although lately she's been struggling to transition out of her kage-mode.

Biography: Most of Ran's biography can be found while looking at her personal connections to her summons, so this section will be a rather short, overall picture.
Ever since she was younger, Ran has always loved animals-- Animals of any kind, any size, and color. Also ever since she was little, she knew she was going to be a kunoichi. With these two factors put together, it was almost certain from the start that she would be good at summoning jutsu. However, no one expected her to progress as far as she did with the variety of summons that she acquired. With this great expanse of knowledge and power on her hands, she quickly jumped from Academy to Genin in about half the time that others did. Next, she took the chuunin exams on her own, seeing as her team was not ready, but she was; her instructor thought that it would be best if she went ahead and progressed while he got another student better suited to the level. Ran graduated to chuunin at the top of her class, although the separation from her team mates did little to encourage bonding with humans. She could have become a jounin much faster than she did, but during this time, she began to intensify her Kuchiyose no Jutsu training, expanding the amount of chakra she could use, and beginning to research other summons. By the time that she hit jounin, she was more than ready to take on a top-ranking role, but instead, she dove into finding the contract and summoning scrolls that she had read about. When she returned to the village, she was ready to become Tsuchikage. It was about a year and a half before the Tsuchikage passed away of natural causes, and the tournament began to see who was the strongest out of those with the diplomatic abilities to become a kage. Not many believed that Ran was suited to the position since she'd been away from the village for so long, but she proved them all wrong by her newly acquired strength, her dedicated mindset, and the fact that throughout her travels, her diplomatic skills and knowledge of other countries and their customs had greatly increased. Ran reached for the stars, or the shadows rather, and achieved it with the help of her summons, her animal companions.
Currently, Ran is trying to acquire Sanshouuou no Hanzo's legendary salamander as a summon.

-Summoning Scrolls
-Weapon Scrolls
-Explosive tags
-Soldier Pills
-Smoke bombs

Strength: 7
Speed: 8
Stamina: 6
Intelligence: 8
Will: 9
Genjutsu: 4
Taijutsu: 8
Ninjutsu: 10
Chakra: 10

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[Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Summoning Technique
Description: The basic form of all summoning techniques, this jutsu uses a contract, hand seals, and the user's blood to summon an animal or weapon from another dimension, which usually manifests once the ninja summoner strikes his hand against any surface, after which the specific summon will appear. As an alternative to the normal hand seals, the same contract that appears on the ground during the summoning can be drawn by hand and activated, producing the same result. The type of animal summoned is determined by the contract. The blood is used as a signature to make the contract, which can be written on a scroll or tattoo, valid. Once summoned, the animal can perform a task or help the user in battle.


Description: The Doki (怒鬼; Literally meaning "Angry Demons") are three beings summoned by Tayuya. Their eyes and ears are covered and their mouths are sewn shut, a reference to the three wise monkeys. By playing specific melodies on her Demonic Flute, Tayuya can control them, each melody causing them to perform different actions. All three are incredibly strong and fast. In addition, they can force open their mouths to release a many-mouthed, worm-like creature that consist almost entirely of spiritual energy, making them impossible to hit. These "spirit worms" are attracted to physical energy, and absorb it on contact, allowing them to weaken an opponent. Tayuya can send away the Doki if necessary, by saying "Tai" ( Ill will, or malice ) as seen during her battle with Shikamaru after he gains control of them.
Personal Connections: This was Ran's second summon, remaining to be her favorite as well as her most powerful. As opposed to the music Tayuya used, by imbuing her chakra in them, she controls them that way. She has already imbued a large amount of chakra in them, having summoned them multiple times when not needed, simply for the purpose of stocking up a great deal of chakra in them over a long period of time in increments. This way, when she needs to summon them in the heat of a difficult battle, she already has plenty of chakra in them; however, if it is a minor battle, she will imbue chakra in them there, so as not to use up the store for emergencies. She had a very hard time getting the scroll with which she could sign a summoning contract for the Doki; since only one person had used it prior to her, she had to go thrugh many twisted paths, dealers, and previous owners before she tracked it down, simply sitting in a wasted warehouse full of old junk and trinkets from deceased collectors.

Description: The Ninken (忍犬; Literally meaning "Ninja Dogs") are eight ninja dogs that Kakashi summons. All of the Ninken have a face-shaped design on their backs called Henohenomoheji (へのへのもへじ), which is the sound made when all the characters in the face are put together. Appropriately enough, children use this design as the face for their scarecrows, which is Kakashi in Japanese.
They are mostly used for tracking purposes, such as when Kakashi needed to find Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki during the Sasuke Retrieval arc. He can summon them separately, as he does so with Pakkun, or all together. He can also summon them for special purposes, like he does with his Summoning Technique: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique. With this technique, the dogs can travel through the ground following the scent of their target, emerging when the target is found and holding them in place.
Personal Connections: The ninken are probably Ran's easiest summon; they were also her first and most reliable. As opposed to the eight ninken that Hatake Kakashi used long ago, when Ran received the summoning scroll, their numbers had increased to twelve, although apparently they are either descended or related to Kakashi's eight. In addition, it was discovered that the ninken change their uniform in accordance to their primary summoner: Before, they'd worn kakashi's blue uniform with the henohenomoheji icon -the set of characters used to make scarecrow or “kakashi” faces- on a white circular background. When Ran summons them, their uniform has been changed to scarlet with Ran's decorative hairpiece as their symbol on a black circular background. The ninken that Ran is the closest to -Hayate- looks much like Bisuke, perhaps a relative of his. [url= ]This[/url] is a picture of Bisuke, and Hayate is much the same, but with a black body, white paws, Ran's uniform, the Iwagakure headband, and he is yet to receive his tattoo-- Hayate will get it once completing a great feat in battle, which Ran is more than happy to help him with. It is unknown yet what type of tattoo he will receive.

Description: They have not been seen in the Naruto series besides Sarutobi Hiruzen's summon of Monkey King Enma, the boss of the monkey summons. It would appear that some of the more powerful summons of this species have the ability to transform into weapons of Adamantine.
Personal Connections: The monkeys are very intelligent, and Ran treats them as (almost) equals, which is what they demand for respect in return. She got the scroll as a gift of good will from an elder of the Leaf Village, although she of course returned the summoning contract so that it might be kept within the family. To date, she has never summoned Enma because he is very respected in addition to the fact that he is very old; once, she was summoned to the monkey's land and she had the privilege to meet with Enma, but it was only once and for a very brief period of time.

Giant Bird
Description: This giant bird is the personal summon of Genno. Since he was the last member of his village, it is unknown if anyone else will be able to summon the bird.
Personal Connections: Once Ran heard of this summon, she immediately had her heart set on it. Not only would it be incredibly useful, but the more sympathetic part of her could only image what it was like to have you summoner and his village destroyed-- There was a good shot that Ran would find that the summoning contract had been destroyed, but she made up her mind to go looking for it as a jounin, a few years before she became Tsuchikage. It took her almost three months total to locate it, excavating and rooting through the lost site of Kagerogakure, or the Village Hidden Under the Dragonfly. Something about the air of the destroyed lost village made her catch her breath, and since then, she has always kept a great deal of respect for villages that have undergone destruction. Because she is Tsuchikage, she doesn't let on, but ever since her trip there, she hasn't let go of the superstition that seized her as soon as she enters that place, and secretly, she wouldn't be surprised if the revival of the Village Hidden Under the Dragonfly took place. However, in any case, after many months of careful digging and excavation with the help of her other summons, she finally located the scroll, and Gennou's giant bird has become one of her most useful and frequent summons.

Other Summons
Although the past listings were Ran's most common or powerful summonings, she has many more. If one were to list them out with descriptions and personal connections, it would take weeks-- Therefore, there will just be a short listing with notes.
1.The Rams – Remember that gigantic summon of Pein's in the form of a ram? It's not like that was the only one, although the majority don't have Rin'negan eyes. In battle, Ran sometimes uses these as mounts.
2.The Rhinos – Remember that gigantic summon of Pein's in the form of a rhino? It's not like that was the only one, although the majority don't have Rin'negan eyes. In battle, Ran sometimes uses these as defensive creatures because of their tough hids.
3.The Turtles – These are hard to find in the Naruto universe, but they exist! They have a special connection with strong taijutsu users. Mighto Gai has been known to summon one in order to watch over Lee. Ran uses these for official, inner-city business and message couriers. The scroll was not at all difficult for her to acquire.
4.The Pandas – Remember that gigantic summon of Pein's in the form of a panda? It's not like that was the only one, although the majority don't have Rin'negan eyes. In battle, Ran also uses these as defensive creatures, seeing as they all have the same stone-like skin that Pein's panda did. Not all of them are quite that large. Ran also has the branch-contract-scroll that summons actual, furry pandas. She uses these for more important courier messages.
5.The Gamas – The toads are fairly famous because of their connections with great shinobi, such as the Fourth Hokage -Namikaze Minato, The Sixth Hokage -Uzumaki Naruto, and Legendary Sannin -Jiraiya. The contract scroll was lent to her as gesture of trust and respect, and thus Ran was rather obligated to sign it for the possibility that it might be interpreted as a rude act should she disregard it. Ran, personally, had no desire to sign that particular contract, but she did nevertheless. She rarely summons the toads, and the toads themselves don't care for her much either, viewing her as stand-offish.

Special Summons
Some of her summons don't fit in any of the above categories. These would include
1.Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon-- This summoning creates a demonic form of the main gate of old Kyoto which is capable of blocking almost any attack. It was believed that two people were required to summon it, as both Sakon and Ukon did; however, Orochimaru was able to summon three of these gates by himself with hisSummoning: Triple Rashomon. To do so, he simply used both hands, instead of one as is common in a summoning.
2.Summoning Jutsu: Triple Rashomon-- The Triple Rashomon is an upgrade to the standard Summoning: Rashomon, which has its name suggest creates three Rashomon Gates. These gates serve the same function as the standard Rashomon Gate, but with triple the defense. The technique requires two summoning seals to be completed.
These gates are not invincible, an example of this was against Naruto's four-tailed transformation. While the gates are supposed to block any incoming attack, the four-tailed transformation managed to destroy all three with the Four-Tailed Fox Menacing Ball in a fraction of a second.
3.Water Based Summons-- While Ran has the ability to summon Crustaceans (like the giant one that Pein summoned, although not as big and without the Rin'negan eyes) as well as piranhas, these are not always too useful because of the fact that Ran is not water-natured, and therefore cannot summon a body of water in which they can move about. However, when she does come in contact with water, the fact that she has summons that she can use even there only adds to her formidable reputation of versatility and power.

Summons She Cannot Do
While they are indeed rare, there are some summons that even Ran, Omeshi no Kisaki, cannot do.
1.The Slugs – Although whens he was younger she was interested in acquiring the contract scroll for Katsuyu and the other slugs that the Legendary Sannin Tsunade was affiliated with, she was much older by the time that she came in contact with it by chance. However, the Slugs themselves would not allow her to sign. They had the firm belief that only students of the Godaime should be able to summon them, as well as the fact that they thought her to be too haughty.
2.The Bees – This should not come as a surprise to much of anyone. The Kamizuru clan's bees are of course off-limits to her, seeing as it is a clan-based summoning/kekkei genkai. As much as she would like to be, or is interested in them, they are simply not available. Ran has also noticed how odd the Kamizurus have been acting lately, guarding their jutsus even more jealously.
3.The Kamatari – The summoning of the famed Gaara's sister, Temari, is also off limits to her. Not only does the Sand Village also wish to keep the contract scroll within the bloodline, but it is also mandatory that the summoner have the Fuuton chakra nature in order to use the Kamatari.

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