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The Villages will go on with their wars and fight for their so-called justice. The Akatsuki will go on with their Bijuu catching and show true pain to bring peace. Which side will you be on?

Please register your character with the appropriate template BEFORE you get on the chat box.
To find out what elements you have, please go here. Find out how it works and follow the directions; a Jounin should accompany you in finding your element.
We have set rules that are to be read and followed. The following contains rules and who the Admins are: Rules. Follow them or the consequences will be severe.

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Bylaws of Clash of Good and Evil

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1 Bylaws of Clash of Good and Evil on Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:39 pm


Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb
Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb
These are the rules that have been set in stone!

No. 1: No God-modding

This means no taking control of another person's character and no altering what is happening to fit your will. This means Auto-hit and Auto-defend and that is where you automatically make all attacks hit or miss. Admittedly some of this is allowed between high level and low level character match ups. Examples of this would be a Kage against an academy student. The Kage's hits would always connect and the AS would always miss. This is the definition of god modding(we've dumbed it down): a Genin attacking a random ninja, even one above him/herself, and saying their attack hit all the time.

God-Modding or GM for short is unacceptable; as such its punishment is a warning for a first offense and a ban of up to five days for a second offense. Additional offenses will be dealt with through harsher punishments.

No. 2: Limit the cursing and respect

I know it may be hard but remember we do have some members here who are not necessarily as mature as we expect, so keep it PG13. Racial slurs will lead to an immediate ban regardless of the context used. Treat each other like human beings; we don't want to have to deal with immature users.

Excessive cursing has a few punishments: if extreme language is used, Admins will record the event and we will decide whether the offender gets a permanent ban or a 5 day ban. If Admins catch a user treating another like rubbish, there will be an immediate warning. If the user does not regard this warning, they will be banned for up to 5 days for the next offense; no one is exempt from this.

No. 3: Listen to the Admins and Mods

We have a few here and it will be listed as shown below.

These are the site owners:

xXLightxDarkXx-I go by Dark
Sousuke Unagai-Co-Owner
Caranore-3rd Head

They control the regular Admins(these are in no particular order):

Ayla Iuni
Kyuushi Shuuhei(Sousuke Unagai)
Tonsui Unagai(Sousuke Unagai)

Which control all of the Mods(these are in no particular order):


Going against an Admin's orders is reason for a 5 day ban. If this continues, Admins will decide if you continue to RP on here. We know if people are joking or dead serious, so keep that in mind. As for a Moderator, they still have a say. Disregard their words and it will lead to a 1 day ban; of course, a warning will be issued beforehand.

No. 4: Cb rules

One: Keep pictures and videos to a minimum. Adding pictures to the already moving chat box will only mess it up. It is best if you spoiler it.

Two: If an Admin or Mod says to stop talking, stop; if you continue to violate that command you will be banned for up to 5 days. There will usually be a good reason for their order of silence.

Three: Chat box mods are marked by their @ symbol; don't ask to be one. It is reserved for Moderators and Admins. If you receive one when you ask for it, chances are that Moderator is violating this rule and it will be removed shortly(so don't get used to it).

No. 5: Admins have lives too

If you have something that needs done immediately, ask once. Remind in five minutes then find someone else. Admins have a lot of crap to do around the site; if you can't get immediate help, PM them so they can get back to it when they can. Things in which to do are also according to precedence; if you ask to get your username changed and we have to add a whole forum, chances are the forum's going to be getting its immediate attention.

This counts as pestering an Admin and is punishable by a ban for up to 2 days. Admins also need to be patience; if I(Dark) catch an Admin repeatedly blowing up on minor users(ie: repeatedly banning), I will have to take action according to the situation. I am patient and I expect Admins to count to 10 before they go ballistic.

No. 6: Take turns

I know this seems assumed but we have had problems here before. Don't post out of turn unless it is an OOC or out of character post. These posts have no impact on the preceding posts. This simply means that no additional attacks or defends will be made during an OOC post. Posts made out of turn will be discarded and you will lose a turn for posting. Although OOC posts are meant for quick short discussions, Moderators are to look out for the OOC posts that continue for quite a while; members, please, if OOC posts are starting to look like text messages, bring it to the PMs or the Chat box. Also, don't make posts that only consists of an OOC one liner. If this becomes habitual, unnecessary conflict is bound to occur, so keep it minimum.

No. 7: Attack Defend Rules

During a battle you may make two moves: an attack or a defend. You may make one of each or two of one; meaning you are about to be attacked and you choose to evade the attack. This is one defend and can be followed up by one defend or one attack. This is to be fair.

Custom rules may be posted at the beginning of a battle and must be adhered to. Movement is free unless it is made to evade an attack. Example: walking around or running for a vantage point is a free movement. Flickering to dodge a swift killing blow--well, that depends on stats, but it isn't free movement.

No.8: Attacking a village or taking it over

This can be done, but in order to get this village, you must go unchallenged for FOUR WHOLE DAYS. This will make it fair and enable everyone who wants to, to come and get their chance to protect it. Any topics that will be used as such will be an announcement; Admins and Mods need to check around the site and see for topics like so. It is important that a Kage gets the message.

No.9: Base location


NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE AKATSUKI BASE IS!! Anyone who, just in one post, say that they have gone around and killed people to get info from them will be killed on the spot.
That is considered Godmodding because you don't know where it is; it's also labeled as "Hidden Hideout".
Having your character dead because of this is the warning. Second offense will result in a 10 day ban.

In General

Any other organization, in general, unless announced that their base is open, will be assumed to be concealed. Use common sense and make sure not to tread upon land that is to be hidden when your character has no knowledge of it and getting yourself killed.

No.10: Bijuus and Jinchuurikies

If you are a Jinchuuriki, do not attempt suicide to get rid of a Bijuu; doing so will get you banned and the Bijuu will go to someone else. Your character will also die and you'll have to restart. That is just childish and outlandishly dumb; getting rid of a Bijuu and making it lose its existence goes against everything that is Naruto.

No.11: Spamming and Advertising

Unless you are spamming for our site on different websites like Youtube or something other(DO NOT SPAM ON OTHER RPG SITES UNLESS YOU GET THEIR CONSENT TO DO SO!!), don't ever spam on here. You will get a warning for spamming on topics that you don't belong to be at. Second offense will result in a 2 day ban. If you advertise other sites on here(Naruto or any other related RPG sites), you will be banned on the spot. Permission must be granted in order for you to do so; it is rare that you will be able to do so, but only then will you be allowed to advertise on here.

No.12: Posts and its Length

We are trying to promote growth in everyone's RPing ability. That is why we require at least 2 paragraphs per post, 5 sentences per paragraph. Each sentences must contain at least 7-9 words. Failure to follow this rule will result in a warning, two to be exact, and on the third offense, a 3 day ban will be issued.

No.13: Tournament Rules

Tournaments are fun and the ones held on here offer prizes such as weapons and stat points. Stat points that are awarded may be spent however the winner chooses. If the winner's stat points surpass their ranking's highest amount, they will be promoted to the next rank. Weapons are already made and each weapon will have a special attribute that makes it worth fighting for.

However, the weapons brought into the fight will be limited. Any special weapon(such as a unique sword) will be allowed. As for normal weapons, they will be limited. For example, kunai knives may be limited to only fifty per participant, shurikens, thirty-five. Each contestant may choose to either take the most they have of each weapon or not. Keep in mind that when using the weapons, the user must note how many they've used(and OOC section of the post would suffice). The cloning of the limited weapons will be allowed, however only five clones of each weapon can be made(ie: for every one shuriken I have, I can make five more, which gives me a total of six for use in my forbidden technique).

A user with a finished character may join, and for the tournaments(World Wide) that require a specific rank to join, the user must be at that rank, no higher, no lower. Anyone who decides to crash a tournament will be immediately banned without warning, unless they've talked it over with an Admin and use it as some sort of arc in the site's storyline.

All pairings are made by roll of dice to keep the anonymity of which contestant is against which. Remember: if one doesn't train hard enough one won't make it. Buff up, sign up, and fight to win!

Any other ones will be added later by either me or another Admin. These rules can change without notice if a problem were to be present.

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