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hane urufu

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1 hane urufu on Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:50 pm

Name: hane urufu
Age: 16
Gender: m
Chakra Affinity: fire lightening water
Village: sunagakure
Rank: AS >.>
Exp: 0

Portrait: avi
Appearance: AVI!
Personality: seriously...if you wanna know ask dark, sousuke, or reaper

Biography: cant have 4 lines of informortion

Jutsus: ???

Equipment: nothing

Stats- (we are gonna try something new. each new person gets fifty points which is enough for each stat to have at least five you may subtract and add points but not pull points out of thin air or this will not be approved)

Weapon skill:10
Chakra Control:10


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2 Re: hane urufu on Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:16 pm


Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb
Akatsuki Leader/ Rin'negan Master/Sage of the 6 Paths/Former Amekage/Ring: Rei(Zero)/Right Thumb
please...go by the template
no all tens
do the 50 point thing
for now
and If there's a kage spot open
I'll let you be Kage

My Paths

3rd Stage

Dark Buster Rain Sword(It's supposed to be black)

Good times...
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3 Re: hane urufu on Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:32 pm

aww but dark im your best friend Sad

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