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Zati Argus Kenpan

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1 Zati Argus Kenpan on Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:43 pm

Name: Zati Argus kenpan

Age: 24

Bloodline: Kenpan (metal manipulation)

Rank: jounin
Classification: expirienced
Village: sand village
Alignment: Good

Appearance:see Avi

Personality: Zati is very self sufficient but works well with others when needed. he has a leadership centered persona and has a strong sense of loyalty to his village. He is able to bring out the best in people and is great around children. He loves to work hard and is also a little layed back.

History: Zati was born in the head branch of his clan. As a child he grew up under his fathers wing learning about the importance of stealth in a ninja’s life and how to properly hold a weapon. At age five he earned the ability to manipulate metal. His father was so proud he had gained the ability early that he started training him right away. He mastered the basics of the ability at the age of eleven and has been working to improve ever since. Though he has only ever succeeded in remanipulating the metal so that it only looked like it grew but it only stretched.

As he reached age eleven he forged his first sword as a coming of age and began mastering kendo, an ancient form of sword fighting. He also gained control of his first puppet and was able to learn to control and manipulate his chakra strongly. Wit the ability to control metal he was able to add a unique style to his puppetry.

his genin career was a powerful swift stroke to his life after only six months his sensei worked a deal and they where in the chunin exams fast. he was is one of hte strongest jounin in the sand. he prides himself on his tracking and battle skills. he was able to quickly learn to master his steel completely and gained the ability to create steel.

Speciality: puppetry sword fighting and tracking
Learned jutsus: Kendo and kuksilwan karate(taijutsu)

Metal manipulation
Rank: Kekkei Genkkei
Description: able to manipulate and bend metal, stretch it’s molecular structure and reform it using chakra of earth and fire.

Basic E-rank jutsu

Fire style fire ball jutsu
Rank: C
Description: creates a ball of flame

Puppet control jutsu
Rank: C
Description: using chakra strings the person controls the limbs and mechanisms of a puppet it can also be applied to small weapons to control them at a distance.

Elements: fire (dominant) earth (subversive) Metal (the two when combined)
Weapons/items: tracker item (the earring bulb) steel whip (chain attached to hands goes down the arms and wraps around the neck and clips to leather choker around his neck detachable steel claws (the extended nails on his hands. Steel puppet
Goals: to surpass his father and become Kazikage.

Sample posts:

Zati sat on a cliff facing the great village of Suna watching the people below. He loved just watching people and observing how they acted. It was a great way to learn how people reacted to different things, a way to get to know how to quickly asses people. The wind rushed by him as he waited for a good opportunity when the people of the village seemed to be at it’s low point in the day before he got back up. He focused his chakra on the first ten links of his steel whip and formed them into senbon needles and faced the puppet he had set up and took the senbon in his hand and tossed them into the puppet hitting each vital spot. He smiled at his success.


Zati looked around, he was surrounded by three enemy ninja and his puppet was disposed of some ten feet away. Knowing this he took out his usual weapons, in his left hand he had his whip and in his right he held his sword. Wit ha smirk he held his sword loosely as the first ninja charged, “Metal manipulation, constrictor technique,” he declared holding out his left hand the whip sprang to life and shot out at the attacker. He dodged but this was only a distraction. The other end of the whip had sunk into the ground and came up right under him yanking him to the ground. Letting the inlayed jutsu take effect on the whip he turned to the others and held his sword ready. He lunged at the second a blonde haired ninja who seemed intent on yelling about his own strength.

Zati took out a few senbon and formed them into a single shuriken and attached a puppet string to it. he tossed the shuriken at a thirty degree angle away from the blond to deceive him as the blond charged then using his puppet strings he pulled it back and cut off the blond’s head band. The stuned shinobi was soon taken out by a kick to the shins.

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