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Kosa-kun (He's going to be dope! ^^)

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1 Kosa-kun (He's going to be dope! ^^) on Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:21 pm

Name:Kosa Mizrahi


Bloodline:No longer exist

Village:Grass village


Personality:A sweet boy of the wood who is calm in most circumstance's. He is a man of his word , but everything else about him is like a women.

History: He is from a clan of the old way of living. He is only acustom to the living in a small village in the heart of the Grass village witch is no longer the heart since the capital has changed. He is a strong willed boy that no longer has parent's to protect him from the world. He is the last of his people from the killing of of the Mizrahi people. He didnt have a father figure for along time so him being a man is laggy.

He is soft spoke like a women and is fairly skony looking witch make his figure of a women. He doesnt have alot of people who know him and he is knowning of people who enter the forest. He hasnt enteracted with people in so long that he doesnt know how to speak with them. He is about 5'6 and weighs about 126bls. He was been alone for 9yrs in the forest with just the protection of the forest spirit.

He still waits for the day he meets some one on the outside. He's waited ever since the attack on his village. He was told that a man would wont to learn the teaching of the forest. He has almost no experience in the field of love. He waits till the day that the war comes to him asking him to be in it.

He because a chuunin when his family became the head of the village. His father Yosashin train him hard for a year. He became a chuunin after the hard training is the spirit of the woods. He became a friend of the she who controls the creature's of the forest.

Speciality:He is spiriturally attuned to speak and to be spoken to by the woods. He is skilled in taijutsu do to protecting the forest.
Learned jutsus:
Elements:Earth, water
Goals: His goal is to stay at home until the time come to join a side. He will resided in the forest with the spirit of the wood.

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2 Re: Kosa-kun (He's going to be dope! ^^) on Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:50 pm


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