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Suno-Kyuubi [Ruler of the Negative Realm]

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1 Suno-Kyuubi [Ruler of the Negative Realm] on Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:21 am

Name of Demon/Spirit: Suno-Kyuubi
Gender of the Demon/Spirit: Male
Age of the Demon Spirit: Same age as the Kyuubi[Immortal. Thats the reason he was sealed inside]
Everyone is allowed to see it. But it is sealed inside of Hokunam like Naruto's Kyuubi.
It has this symbol:

Replace the swirl with the symbol:
Personallity: Uncontrollable and vicious. Before the demon was sealed, he would kill everything and anything. He would cause Tsunami's apon the village in which he happened to come apon. He would freeze anything he stepped on and ruthlessly went to other villages to destroy more and more villages, going against other beasts who happen to be his size.
Skills/Abilities: This moster is able to free manipulate water and ice at its will. Its said that the tails held that power. This gives Hokunam the power to have water chakra. The mutation gave Hokunam the power of lightning chakra as well. Suno-Kyuubi gave him the power to mix those two elements and make HydroElecricity.
It was said that the Suno-Kyuubi was ruler of the Negative Realm. So that means that there was every Bijuu active at the time. Each one of them, a negative color of their original color. The red kyuubi was strangely negativated to white. This is where the Suno-Kyuubi comes in.

Years have passed and the Suno-Kyuubi had been awakened from his hybernation. This is when the village civilians started to get concerned and freaking out alot. The large beast started to destroy the village and attack anyone who came in its way. It was until then that a man sealed the large beast inside of a jar, sealing it with special tabs with a seal on each of them. The man died, the sealing technique made him lose his life. Just a few months later, his son was born. This boy grew up to be a medical doctor, and learning the seals his father learned from a scroll that was forbidden.

The doctor wanted to seal this demon inside of a baby, but there were no willing volenteers for it. He also wanted to try out a new chemical that could mutate someone unborn. He decided to take a trip to the un-negative world. The world of Naruto it was. He made his ninja ambush the village of Konoha, knocking out a pregant woman, and taking her to his world. It was then that he injected the poison into her, and later, the baby Hokunam was born and the demon was sealed inside of him.

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2 Re: Suno-Kyuubi [Ruler of the Negative Realm] on Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:42 am


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