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Hidan Terasoma

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1 Hidan Terasoma on Sat Aug 22, 2009 8:19 pm

Name: Masaki Terasoma (Hidan)

Age: 15

Bloodline: none

Rank: Genin

Classification: (This is based off of us, if your rp skills are somewhat low or average then we might just put genin or chuunin, by sending one of the mods or admins a rp sample, this will make this part the template easier for us, instead of us travelling around section to section trying to find your character)

Village: None

Alignment: Evil, pure unadulterated evil. Akatsuki


Personality: Hidan had absolutely no moral restraints regarding the people he killed; he considered slaughter a religious calling, and often took considerable pleasure in making his opponents' deaths as painful as possible. Given the requirements of his voodoo-like curse ritual, he was quite willing to inflict pain and injuries on himself, and openly relished the shared pain between him and the cursed victim. Despite this, he reacted "normally" (that is, he didn't enjoy the pain) to being injured by someone else, or when the opponent didn't share the pain.

History: Hidan was little older then the rest when he joined the academy, he was 13 when everyone else was 10 or 11. He just did what he wanted to do and he loved it, as in, killing people. He started to do B ranked missions when he became Genin. His first one was a assassination mission and the target was a high powered business man, who didn't take much to kill. After a long time, Hidan grew stronger and absolutely noone was gonna get in his way. Around the time he turned 15 he had already did alot of A and S ranked missions, he became a monster to the village but noone ever went to him to tell him to stop, all because he loved to kill so much.

Speciality: Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu

Learned jutsus: Jashin Ritual and Curse
Using a weapon, Hidan made every attempt to acquire an opponent's blood, where upon consuming it he drew the Jashin symbol on the ground. This process somehow "linked" his body with his opponent's. Once this link was established, Hidan took on a Grim Reaper-like appearance, with black skin and white bone-like markings. In this state, he was essentially a living voodoo doll for his opponent; any damage that was done to him was also inflicted on the opponent. Hidan referred to this as his "curse", and he was fond of toying with his victims by inflicting non-fatal injuries with his retractable spike, while taking obvious pleasure in their shared pain. Once he was done toying with the opponent, or if he wanted to kill them quickly, he impaled himself through the heart, killing them and relishing in intense satisfaction.
Despite its effectiveness, the curse had many requirements, and could be a slow technique to employ. The curse could be avoided if the opponent happened to know what to look for, and knew of Hidan's inability to die. The link between Hidan's curse and his opponent could be broken prematurely if Hidan was removed from the symbol; however, Hidan would remain in his transformed state, allowing the curse to be easily re-established by him simply entering the symbol's borders once more.)

Elements: Dominant is Earth, Recessive is Wind

Weapons/items: Triple Bladed Scythe

Goals: To kill everyone in the name of Lord Jashin.

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