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My Character: Konorai

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1 My Character: Konorai on Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:02 pm

Name: Konorai

Age: 13

Bloodline: Um.....I'm...not sure?

Rank: Genin

Classification: um.....genin? But I can be Chunin sometimes.

Village: Konoha!

Alignment: Good! ....But I can be mischievous when I want.


Personality: Konorai is as cheerful and random as one person can possibly be. She can stay happy, even during the worst of times. She has the "never give up" motto and is determined to proved herself to everyone. But She can be stubborn. She can be hyperactive when thing seem glum and serious when she needs to be. WARNING: Can be very very VERY annoying.

History: As a child, Konorai was badly abused by her superiors. This was for no reason other than the fact that they found her useless. She had decided to join the Ninja Academy to change that, to make herself worth something. She no longer wanted to live a meaningless life. Rising up to the challenge, she joined the academy, determined to go past her limits.

During the Academy, Konorai became very interested in the concept of bonding. She tries this concept with a squirrel she found one day. She had taken care of the squirrel ever since. But she still has yet to name it. She sometimes even talked to the squirrel, convincing some people that she was crazy. But she ignored them. She had been made fun of all her life. This didn't bother her.

Another thing that didn't bother her was that she couldn't use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. She spent all her time training her taijutsu. She would often train until she collapsed. Or until she saw any blood. She is determined to reach her goal, and so she always overworks herself.

Konorai has always been good with animals. She always hated seeing one be killed. But she wasn't a tree hugger, that's for sure. She always was crazy. She loves animals, but hates bugs. She isn't a vegetarian either. She would always take her weirdness and randomness into account. ...Well not always.

But Konorai can be serious when she needs to. She will always be there for the people that mean something to her. But she often steps into traps to protect people, the later on lies and says that she know it was a trap the whole time. But Konorai is very reliable. She'll reach her goal at all costs!

Specialty: Like Rock Lee, Konorai can't use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, so she has devoted herself to Taijutsu.

Learned jutsus:
Leaf Whirlwind
Eight Gates (only 5 of them)
Dancing Leaf Shadow
Front Lotus (needs the gates)
Reverse Lotus (needs the gates)
Dynamic Entry (often misses)
Double Dynamic Entry (needs a partner that knows the move and often misses)
Leaf Great Whirlwind

Elements: Um...Leaf WhirlWIND, so I'd say wind.

Weapons/items: A couple kunai and shuriken.

Goals: Konorai's ultimate prove herself everyone!!! And possilby annoy everyone to death.

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