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Memories of a Mistaken One and the Arrvial of the Lost (rated pg at least old enough and not for the faint hearted this is not a happy rp)

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Her last screams faded into the dark, pale night. The moon that shined through the trees as Aoi fell down, tear- striken face flushed and wide-eyed. Her head pounded as the blood rushed through her exposed body; breath ragged and short. Panting loudly, she lay still as the dark figure behind her stood up to his full height. His sadistic chuckle filled the night air as he reached down and pulled Aoi's head up, sneering into her face.

" Bitch. Think you could of screwed me over? Looks like the tables got turned. " Chuckling darkly, he, as like before, Bit down on her neck roughly. It'd brusie later. The un-named figure pushed her down, leaving her in a broken heap on the forest floor. Tears fell from her eyes as she lay there, still as night and the man jumped away.

Grimincing, she sobed quietly as she slowly pulled herself up. Bare, she wobbled over to where her clothes lay, deathly still on the ground. Silently, her blood-shot eyes dimly blinked as the water still flowed from them.

Once she was covered her muscles became sore and hard. Aoi's abdomen ached from it's violation and her legs stung from stress. Sniffling quietly, she stumbled over to a large tree, a hollowed out space between its roots was big enough to fit her; but small enough to hold her in. Quietly, she huged her knees and hid her head, cring, tring to erase the mental scars from her brain...

The Scars of a Mistake. Scars of this..rape.


Three months later, after she had returned. Her first months were spend in reclusion, recouperating from her mission gone wrong and the other situation.

It now seemed like every morning she'd wake up sometime late at night (or very early morning) and throw up. Her stomach would be emptied out of the non-exsitant food that she had eaten the day before. She'd gained alot of weight, even her usually small belly starting to bulge. She didn't get it. Aoi was never a big eater, but since her mission, she'd taken a leave from the ninja world and started eating like crazy.

Not to mention, the odd cravings she had. Stuff like, Chocolate covered pickles, Peppermint Strawberries, and even Corn mixed with Sour cream. Talk about nasty, but she had found it sooo good. One day, she decided that enough, was enough. Walking into the clinic, she awaited her appointment with the medic nin.

A tall, brown haired nurse called her in, getting Aoiharu to do multipule tests.

A week later, they called her back, with urgant news. The nurse, who's name turned out to be Asoko, told her to wait in a special ward and wait for the doctor. He was a tall man, a gruff beard lining his angular jaw line. First, he shuffled through some papers on a clip board then looked at her closely.

Aoi grew nervous. The Doctor's black eyes piecred through her, and made her nervous as hell. Swallowing, Aoi eyed him warily, wondering what this was all about.

" Your 3 months pregnant. " He said, voice even and uncaring. Sighing, he turned and left, leaving a shocked Aoi in the chair at his office.


Aoi's ears filled with whails of a cring baby.
" shh.... Alya...its okay, baby..It'll be over soon..." She tightened the 3 week old bundle closer to her as she walked at a brisk pace through Iwagakure. She knew this would be the best place. Far from Kirigakure.. and she'd never have to see Alya.

It wasn't that she didn't love her. It was the oppisite. She loved Alya dearly. But she knew, that if anyone found out, that she wasn't supposed to be born, she'd never be able to protect her. Another that she didn't think she could take care of her. Aoi was too young. Barely scratching the age of twenty, she had a whole life time infront of her.

Looking down, at teh small baby girl, she smiled wearily. One day. One day she would find Ayla again, and they could get to know each other. But looking at her know, she knew that Ayla would become a powerful and headstrong girl. Just like her.

Hugging Ayla, she stopped at a nice looking home on the outskirts of the city. A tear slipped from her eyes, as she slowly set down Ayla on their door step. She pulled her black hood on her head, and sliped the note on Ayla's stomach as she lay there, looked wide eyed at her mother. Aoi smiled and bent down, kissing her forehead.

She almost re-considered her decision when Ayla laughed and smiled brightly at Aoi. Looking down, she knocked on the door rapidly. Then she jumped away, into the dark dense woods. And never turned back.


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Blinking tears back, Aoiharu came back to the presant. It had been over 13 years since Ayla-chan and the memory of her was still freash. It haunted her all the time, like an emotional tatto on her wrist and she was forced to stare at it. Gulping back a pile of bail in the back of her throat, she stood up from her chair in her house. Happily married to the Mizukage, she still missed her Ayla-chan.

It would of been her birthday today. She turned to the cupcakes she had been making. Picking up a lone candle, she blinked back tears and struck a match and lit it up. Aoi stuck it in a cupcake and blew it out.

" Happy birthday, Ayla-chan.."

The light from outside glared out of her window, mocking her dour mood with it's happy atosmesphere. Flinching, she stood up and walked up to the window above their kitchen sink. Huffing lightly, she pulled the curtains closed, diming the room slightly.

But only to a non-existant point.

Sighing, she sat down at the table again, fishing fingers in her pocket. Twisting around a small half of a locket. It was silver, half of a heart... The charm's other piece is or..was with Ayla. She tightened her grip on it. Everyday, she worred about Ayla. Was she safe? Was she alive? Did she do the right thing?

Even if Ayla was with her for 3 weeks, and she came from a horrible memory... Aoi couldn't help but love her daughter that she'd never see.

She sighed and lay her head down. Missing Ayla with all her heart.

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On Alya's 14th birthday her foster parent decied that it was time to tell her the truth. When her parntes told her she shook her head in disbelife. " you lying..." She was scared at the time .Tears rolled down her face and she backed away.She rans up stairs and decied her fate, She decied she was goin to try to find her mother. Though some people would think she was crazy she didnt care.

She set off to find her mother leaving nothing behind but a note . the note reads "To my loving foster parents........the lies you have told me while i wsa growing up have noww scared me. Im going to find my mother wether you approve or not. Just know that i am strong enough to handle anything this crazy world throws at me and im not going to let feara take over me. ill see you again one day love always Alya." She was on her own at the time. Not caring wether she was hurt or not she will find her mother . "I refuse to faial..."she thought as she traviled....she knew she would meet her mom one day.

Weeks had past and she had gotten herself into more trouble than she could handle. Poeple were after here, stalkers watched her evey move even one day while she was walking alone she was snatched she faught back as best as she could but was beaten several times. She crawled to safty under a small oak tree she had bruses all over her ,scares and scratches. she sighed "i wil not give up if your out there know this .ill find youand i will not give up!" she thought as she got up and kept moving. She knew her faster parents might be worried and she was right.

A few more weeks had past and she made it to Kirigakure she needed to find a medical nin as soon as possible or she would die. She fell in a forest not to far from the village she fainted from lack of food water or sleep. She lay there lifeless as it seems.

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Late that night the moon shined on her face and she came to she felt so weak she layed in the dirt with her blank stare all she wanted was to find her mom was that to much to ask? She only needed to see her thsn she didnt care if she died but she refused to go another day with out seeing her birth mom again...Then the questions began to pop into her head. "why did she give me up? was i a mistake or a blessing."These thought passed though her head as she layed in the moon light. She sighed, struggling to stand she got up and continued to walk althought she was scared up and brusied. "i wont give u-..." She fainted again. She drifted in her dreams trying to picture her mother in her head . she passed out on the ground, her mind racing she lay there .Alya opened her eyes and stared st the ground. A single tear fell out off her eyes.She slowly lifted her hand to grad the locket pice which hang from her neck she struggled to breath.

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Aoi blinked, lifting her heavy head up. Sighing, she stood up and looked around the empty house. Shuura was out; on a mission to meet with another kage for some national buisness. Rain was out training with some friends.. He'd been gone for a week. Grimincing, she realized she had done nothing that week except hang around the house and mope about this day.

Huffing lightly, Aoi lightly trampled around their house. Living with two grown boys was more than messy, but she didn't care. Reminding herself mentally, she made a note to clean up. The living room was a mess; with soda cans and pillows tossed around. It looked like Shuura and his son had had another Xbox 360 challenge. She sighed. That was diffinately it. The controllers lay dejectively next to the couch; which had two permenant indents where they both sat. Everytime they ever came into the room. Aoi just shook her head and chuckled. She loved them both dearly. Walking quietly to the front, she sat down at the set in the front and pulled on her boots. They were black and were made of a thick leather.

She had gotten them right after she had given away Ayla.

Flinching slightly, she sighed and walked out the door, careful to lock it. Jumping down the steps, two things at a time, she started a brisk walk to the woods. Stepping onto a well-beaten path, she started down in the depth of night. Closing her eyes, she kept walking, closing off her senses, and walking idly.

Then.. she felt it. Aoi opened her eyes and stopped. Glancing around, she thought silently toherself. '...what the...? Is someone else here..?' Aoi tensed alittle as she slid closer to the chakra signal. She couldn't help but feel that it was familar... but.. how? Feeling it closer, Aoi could feel that it was weak.. Like the person was hurt. Looking to the left, she spotted a body. A girl? She looked to be younger than Aoi herself. Inching closer, she saw that the girl was badly hurt and weak. Gasping lightly, she rushed over, and picked the girl up. Aoi pulled her onto her back and poofed back to her house. Laying her on the couch, she rushed to get teh first aid kit.

Flinching, she started to clean up the girl, and couldnt' get rid of a sinking feeling that she knew the girl. Glancing down, she noticed a silver chain on her neck. curiously, Aoi blinked and pulled it up from under the girl's shirt.

Sucking in a deep breath, Aoi's eyes widened as she held the heart locket limply in her hand. Shakely she looked at the girls face, pushing back a layer of bangs.

" A-ayla-chan..."

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Comming out of her drift she opened her eyes to see the woman in front of her ."h-hello...."sshe said her voice still shakey from passing out on the forest floor.She struggled to sit up ,She then noticed the locket around the woman's neck ,She gasped lightly and then looked at her own necklace .""Stuned she didnt know what to say next

She couldnt belive it she thought she was crazy at first "No.......this cant be her i thought she was dead...."She thought to her self. "Agh!" she grasped her arm as the long cut went down it. She sighed."how could i have gotten myself into this mess..........?"she said to herself. She then looked up at the wonman and smiled slightly Not really knowing what to think her smile faded away.She wanted to know if the wonman knew her.The woman looked at her as if she had known her all her life.Alya then looked around at the house .Small yet cozy she thought. "hmmm......." Alya was a very confused girl at the time and had no idea what went on half the time, lathough she seemed to smile and make the best out of everyone and everything around her even if it might kill her.Alya was a fighter a very well rounded person,but at the same time very trouble some. Alya's vision blured and she couldnt see her very well she squinted her eyes and they began to dim again she thought "w-whats going on" Alya fainted again.Still holding on to her locket she lay there with her eyes slowly shutting she couldnt keep them open. She closed her eyes regreting what she had said eairier.

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Aoi almost choked when she heard her daughter talk. Her voice... sounded just like hers.. when she was younger. Swallowing, she lightly grabbed the younger girl's hand. Aoi's eyes started to blur over with tears, a sob started to form in the back of her throat. " H-hey.." She said, voice cracking. Her body shook as she slowly started to bandage ayla's arm.

" H-how have you been? My..Y-you've grown so much.." Tears slowly leaked from her face, as her body started shaking. Her fingers twitched as they mended to her wounded arm. Keeping her head down, Aoi sat silently, half relived that her baby was okay.. half scared of what was to come.

" A-ayla... H-how b-beautiful you've become... Y-you look healthy too. " Aoi chuckled lightly. " B-besides t-these injuries. What happened? Were you attacked? " Her fingers froze as she finished on her arm. Tears still fell in a steady stream from Aoi's eyes.

Leaning down, she wrapped her arms around her long-lost daughter.

" A-ayla... My little girl... My baby... Y-your... Y-your here..I've missed you...Missed you so much.."

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Hearing her mom's voice made her eyes tear up. Tears started to roll down her cheeks she smiled."i-ive missed you m-mom."She voice shaky she smiled letting the tears fall thinkinh to her self "finnaly "."im ok i just got into some trouble is all...." She sniffled.

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Aoi let go as she sat back up, wiping her tears away, she looked at Ayla again.

" I-i'll explain everything later... Y-you must be tired.." She paused, smiling as her eyes stopped leaking tears. Sniffing she stood up and looked around. The living room was still a mess. How embarssing for her long lost daughter to see.

Half-smiling she looked at her again.

" S-sorry about the mess... It's hard with two men in your home. Your..half brother, i guess. And... my husband. " biting her lip, she looked at her again, a small wery smile " I-i'm sorry to say... He isn't your father.. "

Flinching alittle mentally, Aoi sat down again and looked at Ayla, putting a hand on her forehead. " beautiful..Just as i imaged you.."

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She smiled and looked around "its okay mom with my ........other parents i lived like this alot i had 2 brothers and a baby sister." She smiled,her smile faded quickly" is my father?"Alya stoped. "I-If you dont want to say that's alright to i don't want to be a bother or anything like that..." Her face turned red as she had thought of what she asked.

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Aoiharu mentally flinched at her daughters innocent question. ''s not the right time..Ill tell her later..' Aoi just smiled, and acted like she hadn't heard her.

" Lets see now, Shuura should be home sometime. He's my current husband.." She said, turning away and standing up. She brushed off her legs and walked to the kitchen. She talked as she walked.

" You'd like him..He's sweet and everything. You must be hungry. Let me get something. . . Oh, and please, stay lying down. " She paused at teh doorway, " I don't want you to re-open your wounds, dear. " She walked in and grabed some bananas and peeled it open, and walked back in.

Squating down, she smiled warily and held it out to her. " It's all we have... Please, eat, sweetie. " Pausing, she smiled bigger, " No need to be sad anymore. Let's be a happy family now. I'll tell you the rest...later. "

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She smiled."thanks mom...." Her face was rosy red as she looked at her mom "i-its like looking in a mirror"she wispered to herself.

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