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Shunsui Sutaga

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1 Shunsui Sutaga on Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:49 pm

Name: Shunsui Sutaga

Age: 24

Bloodline:Origami Bloodline (Konan)

Rank: S-rank
Classification: Experienced
Village: Amegakure
Alignment: Akatsuki

Appearance: Shunsui's appearence depends on his mood. he can take the form of any creature or person but usually takes the form of Yahiko from a picture his grandmother used to show him of Yahiko and Nagato

Personality: Shunsui is mentally unstable often talking to himself or forming paper clones and having elaborate discussions with them.

History: Amnesia. (i don't feel like doing this now)

Speciality: Origami Ninjutsu
Learned jutsus:will get back to you
Elements:Wind Dominate, Water Dominate Recessive, Lightning Recessive Recessive
Weapons/items: Paper can be used to form anything and is vulnerable to fire techs
Goals: To rule the world as God's angelic Messenger

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