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Shikaku, Slade aka the master of blades (not done)

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Name:Shikaku, Slade aka the master of blades

Age: 21

Bloodline:Shikaku (pending)

Rank: genin (im tallking to dark on this matter)

Classification: ok??

Village: former leaf

Alignment: neutral (untill a time comes...)

Appearance: avi. but also wears a black rode w/ a hood

Personality:is a loner type,only talks when it is nessary and stays in his own matters at hand

History: slades father was a blacksmith so slades life was about the blade.he trained at a very young age.
one day his father was killed when slade was 7.. from then on slade lived with some family moved around all in the next 2 years. untill he stayed with his uncle for a few days nd his uncle told slade the truth.the next day slade left his uncles to train in the woods. when he returned his uncle was dead and layin in his own blood. slade ran to see wat the fate of his other family was but it was no better so now slade knows the truth and is out to kill and to protect the weak!Slade does not kno much about his mothers side or who is mother even is.Slade lives on the money he gets from his bounty hunting job

Speciality: (The character might be a Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Doujutsu, Fuuijutsu element attund, chakra intuned, spiritually attuned, mental intuned. You cant have ALL of them, you might be good with two or three but the others you have simple understanding of it others. For genin, list one, chuunin to jounin two, s-rank, list three or four)

Learned jutsus: (Just a few, not all of the jutsu's you have)

Elements: (Have one dominate element and one recessive element, ex a dominate element could be fire and one the recessive could be wind. This is a concerning issue that you must follow. Some might have two recessive elements.)

Weapons/items: (Specific items that you carry around thats not part of the typical shinobi. Ex: A poisoned-dipped katana)

Goals: (Optional, this helps alot)

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need a lot more history and shikaku isn't happening no new clans are being made at this time

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(its NO where close to being done) (and ...........)

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*shrugs* just keep in mind shikaku will just be a name since no more clans will be made

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