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Kaguya Bloodline

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1 Kaguya Bloodline on Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:36 pm

The Shikotsumyaku or dead bone pulse, lets them use their bones as weapons. there are currently five dances.
Genin- 1 dance
Chunin-3 dances
Jonin-4 dances
Kage- All dances

the 1st dance is the flowering blossom dance, creates a whirlwind, within it is a bunch of razor sharp bones swirling with you.

the 2nd dance is the alpha dance, it creates a dopple ganger out of bone, then u go toward an opponent, grab the other dopplegangers arms and spring your rib cage out, thus killing him.

3rd dance is the dance of the earth, you dig deep into the earth, and then shoot your fingerbones upward, catching his attention, then you drive up the ground with your spine forward and ready to kill.

the 4th dance is the dance of the devil, you transform into a rhino like being, with bones coming out of every where.

the 5th and final dance is the dance of doom. it can only be cast once, and this cause the users bone structure to crumble into dust, letting them become one with the ground and the wind, they have complete control over the bone fragments and allowing you to swirl them around in the wind. making it impossible to locate you.

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